MP3: K’Jon – “This Time” Following the Success of “On The Ocean” Universal Republic Recording Artist K’Jon Releases Second Single From Upcoming Album I Get Around

MP3: K’Jon – “This Time” Following the Success of “On The Ocean” Universal Republic Recording Artist K’Jon Releases Second Single From Upcoming Album I Get Around

The Song:

With his first single, “On The Ocean,” currently sitting atop the Urban AC charts for over six weeks, Universal Republic recording artist K’Jon is back with “This Time,” the second single from his upcoming major label debut, I Get Around. Featuring a medley of strings, keys, guitars, and soft horns, this track is perfect display piece for the smoothness of K’Jon’s vocals. His voice is also perfect for the song’s message of realizing what you have, not taking anything for granted, and loving the person you’re with. As the song reaches a close K’Jon is joined by a children’s choir, and all of a sudden this well-orchestrated soul tune gets a bit of gospel flavor.

K’Jon says, “The song is about getting a second chance at life to express to the ones you love how you feel about them. The shape of the world is in a terrible condition. Life should never be taken for granted. Everyday you wake up is a blessing and so, “This Time” would be a perfect time to express your love. Next time is not granted to us.”

K’Jon’s latest release, I Get Around, will be available August 4th via Universal Republic.

Please post the hit lead single, “On The Ocean” -

The Background:

Gettin’ around? – No matter how you slice it, Universal Republic newcomer K’Jon has already arrived. He’s just making it official on August 4, delivering his aptly titled debut album, I Get Around to stores and online platforms in time for summer, having been more than adequately introduced to urban music fans this past spring thanks to the album’s soaring first single, “On The Ocean,” which has become a radio/club classic. The magnetic hit sizzled on the nightlife grid for months as a popular ‘steppers’ hit in tastemaker cities like Chicago before rocketing last week to the top spot on the Urban AC radio chart. The inspirational song has also become the #1 Greatest Gainer at both the Mediabase and BDS charts.

Often compared to stylish hit makers such as Ne-Yo and Robin Thicke, the talented K’Jon kept the production in-house on his debut effort, with the Detroit native guiding production and writing chores on a kaleidoscope of diverse songs that includes the passionate radio hit, as well as the mesmerizing “This Time,” the cool flow of “After The Clubs,” and some dynamo ballads – including the sweeping “Ill Never Forget,” among others. Says K’Jon: “The goal with this album was to make a record that covered a lot of emotional territory – the kind of record you would be able to listen to from beginning to end and want to hear again.” The imaginative songwriter even laid down a track that plays with the superhero mystique on the clever “Fly Away.”

But the Detroit native’s rise to stardom hasn’t been a smooth trajectory all the way. He earned his stripes in the motor city’s competitive underground urban music scene, launching various indie collaborations until his breakout 2004 cameo on the electric 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack with the hit “Miami.” Soon, he was opening for established stars such as Ludacris, even collaborating with the talented rapper – and subsequently – many other sought-after industry song-makers, like super-producers Cool & Dre, Ginuwine, Ne-Yo, T-Pain, and others.

Known for his fearlessness when delving into multiple genres of music, including soul, hip hop and R&B, K’Jon’s debut album reflects the same tenacity, just as his first hit single would come to separate him from the rest of the pack at one of the most crucial cross-roads of his career. “It was at a time when I was still trying to establish my identity,” he says. “I wrote the song literally thinking the music industry is kind of like bobbing in the ocean. How we all wonder if and when our ship is going to come in.” Rather than deliver the song to another established star, the intuitive artist decided to keep it as his own signature calling card, creating one of the most popular urban music hits of the year.


This Time

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  1. This song is fuckin GREAT…how does this man make such soulful songs. Yall gotta support his album, I Get Around when it comes out on August 4th, 2009!

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