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Smoke E. Digglera Honors Michael Jackson with Tribute Former Member of Playa Pays Homage with New Singles “The Girl Is Mine” and “Rock With U” Now on iTunes!

Smoke E. Digglera Honors Michael Jackson with Tribute Former Member of Playa Pays Homage with New Singles “The Girl Is Mine” and “Rock With U” Now on iTunes!

Louisville, KY – Every day there is a new “where are they now” story in music news headlines. So many hit-making artists have merely taken time out of the spotlight to redirect their creative energy, while others have been victims of crazy label politics. Emerging as an independent artist in 2009, Smoke E. Digglera, formerly known as Smokey from the group Playa, is back with two heartfelt tributes to Michael Jackson. “Rock With U” and “The Girl Is Mine” are currently both available on iTunes.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Smoke E. Digglera enjoyed success in the late ’90s with the group Playa, along with bandmates Digital Black and Static Major. Their 1998 Top Ten hit single “Cheers 2 U” is a classic to this day amongst R&B fans, and their affiliations with the likes of Ginuwine, Missy Elliott, Jodeci, Timbaland and others gave Playa a carte blanche pass in the industry.

Over the course of nearly five years, Playa contributed to writing and production for other artists, and appeared on soundtracks for films like Dr. Dolittle, Romeo Must Die and Exit Wounds. Static Major, who passed away in February 2008, produced for a multitude of stars, and still has an active catalogue of music that is giving new artists a stylized sound that was years ahead of his time.

Since Playa’s last single hit airwaves in 2003, Smoke E. Digglera has progressed in his musicianship, production and singing, and is planning a new album in conjunction with Gracie Productions in 2010. The release of “Rock With U” and “The Girl Is Mine” signifies how great music surpasses all time and genre labels, and Smoke is on a mission to bring more of the same with his original album.

“I am proud to be able to pay homage to such an icon in music,” says Smoke. “I have known great success in my life in the eyes of the industry, but I feel that the greatest success is knowing that my music can affect people the way that Michael Jackson affected and influenced everyone with his songs.”

Streams on Imeem:
Rock With U

The Girl Is Mine


Smoke E. Digglera was born Jawann Peacock on February 15, 1977 in Louisville, Kentucky. At an early age, he showed a strong interest in music. He began composing music after receiving a keyboard as a Christmas present. He eventually taught himself how to play the piano.

In the early ’90s he became a member of a group known as Playa. After an impromptu performance for Jodeci member, Devante Swing, Playa joined the ranks of many other up-and-coming musicians known collectively as “Da Bassment”. These musicians included Missy Elliott, Ginuwine,Tweet,and Timbaland and Magoo; many of which made a cameo appearance in Jodeci’s Love U 4 Life video and Devante’s Gin and Juice remix.

Despite the hard work that was put into the music that they created, Playa left Da Bassment upon the departure of the other musical acts mainly due to an increasingly hostile environment caused by Devante. In the mid-90s, Playa reunited with Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and Ginuwine to form their own version of the da bassment, which was sometimes referred to as “the supafriends”. The supafriends consisted of Playa, Ginuwine, Timbaland and Magoo, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, and Nicole Wray. On March 24, 1998, Playa’s first and only album, Cheers 2 U was released under the Def Soul label.

Then known as “Smokey”, Smoke E. produced and co-wrote the majority of the album’s material. Creative differences with the Def Soul label left Playa in a bad position. After 1998, all of the new songs recorded by the group were contributions to various soundtracks such as Dr. Dolittle, Exit Wounds, Blue Streak and Romeo Must Die. It is rumored that another album was either recorded or was in the process of being recorded. Playa did release their third single “Never Too Late” from this rumored album in 2003.

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