Rob Murat Releases New Album, So Much To Say R&B Singer/Songwriter Releases New Album, Plans Single Remix, Video With Kidz In The Hall

Rob Murat Releases New Album, So Much To Say R&B Singer/Songwriter Releases New Album, Plans Single Remix, Video With Kidz In The Hall

Rob Murat, a New York-bred R&B singer, composer, and producer, is very proud to announce the release of his debut album, So Much To Say. The album, a completely independent release, is available via Rob Murat’s own production company, Quench Entertainment Group Inc.

Rob Murat joins the newest breed of today’s musicians – do-it-all and do-it-yourself, informed and headstrong, tackling all the ever-changing facets of the music industry at once. While understanding the business side of music is crucial for an artist’s career, Rob Murat realizes that the music still comes first. He encompasses a triple-threat of skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer – a quality that gives his apt production and original, genre-blending compositions a unique cohesiveness. His debut album, So Much To Say, is the epitome of Rob’s unique style, “There are many different ways to get a point across musically than are typically used. Being involved in music seemingly ever since birth, I’ve been exposed to quite a few musical styles. I began playing the piano at the age of 8, I played the trumpet in bands and orchestras, and I directed and sang in choirs and a cappella groups. I grew up in a Caribbean household, so you definitely hear Caribbean influences in some of my songs. And on the other end of the spectrum I’m a Hip Hop head.”

After the album was released to critical acclaim, Rob wanted to take the lead single “Dilemma” to another level. He decided to release a remix of the track, and enlisted Hip Hop group Kidz In The Hall to help add something new. Says Rob, “It’s always great collaborating with talented artists. Double 0 has always been one of the few folks I really trust in this shady industry. I respect his hustle and what both he and Naledge have been able to accomplish. When it came time to record a remix for my lead single, “Dilemma,” it made sense to reach out to them.” The remix became the track for Rob’s debut music video, a Quench production (in association with Red Elephant Films) directed by Sundance-honored Duane Humeyestewa, “Working with Duane was seamless. His approach and creative instinct really helped bring the story to life in a simple, yet, unique way.” Kidz In The Hall also stepped in for the video shoot, an experience Rob says, “Was a blast! Those guys are fools… and we did nothing but act-a-fool while on set! The camera captured a little bit of the fun… but wait until you see the behind the scenes footage!”

Even though he is a New York native, Queens-born Rob Murat spent some time away from the Big Apple a few years back to pursue an Ivy League degree. Now a proud graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Rob Murat has used his education to further his career. Much like the Ivy League graduates-turned-music-industry personalities that have come before him (Ryan Leslie, Chester French, John Legend, and Kidz In The Hall), Rob believes artists should be well informed about the industry that surrounds them. In this day and age, where the industry’s landscape and business model is constantly shifting, he couldn’t be more correct. Since graduating from college, Rob has started his own company, released his debut album to critical acclaim, collaborated with fellow hip-hop artists and producers, such as Grammy winning producer, Devo Springsteen (Kanye West, John Legend, Nas, Hip Hop group Kidz in the Hall, emcee/singer Amanda Diva (Def Poetry Jam, MTV2), J. Ivy (Def Poetry Jam, Kanye West’s College Dropout), and Blitz the Ambassador), and performed across the East Coast at venues like New York’s Joe’s Pub, Drom, and S.O.B.’s; Philadelphia’s World Café Live; and Boston’s Paradise Lounge. Rob Murat’s new album, So Much To Say, is available now on iTunes and other outlets via Quench.



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