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The Sun Never Sets on Day By Day ? Emcee MF Grimm Leads Arsenal of Impressive Talent in Relaunch

The Sun Never Sets on Day By Day ? Emcee MF Grimm Leads Arsenal of Impressive Talent in Relaunch

Emcee MF Grimm returns to the world of music Monday, August 24. Grimm will reintroduce Day By Day Entertainment through the label’s new website (

Grimm, known to many by his birth name Percy Carey, excused himself from music following the tragic loss of his sister Inez Williams. Carey was taken aback at the time. However, he ultimately utilized the experience as a source of motivation.

Carey spent the next few years exploring other arenas, namely comic books. In 2008, Carey released the highly lauded graphic novel, “Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm”. The autobiographical work, published through DC Comics’ Vertigo was nominated for two Eisner Awards, the highest honor in the comic book industry.

Still, Carey is eager to return to music and believes that Day By Day, originally founded in 1999, will benefit from his recent efforts and consequently, make a strong return.

“I’ve learned a thing or two from the comic industry,” Carey said. “I now realize Day By Day Entertainment is a super hero in its own right.”

“It faces some of the same struggles and challenges any other hero would. It was created to save the state of music. Many try to stop Day By Day, but at the end of the story, all of those who try, fail. They always will.”

Fans have awaited MF Grimm’s return to music since the release of the triple-album “American Hunger”, (Day by Day Entertainment, July 2006). The launch will provide fans a detailed look at Grimm’s current and upcoming projects.

A promotional mixtape entitled, “Story by Percy Carey” will be available for free download. Likewise, release dates have been set for Grimm’s next two projects. “You Only Live Twice” is set to release November 23, 2009 and “Supreme Excellence” on January 10, 2010. “Twiz the Beat Pro”, one of Day By Day’s newest members, produced both albums.

A new class of talent complements Twiz on the label and is sure to raise brows and develop immediate following. Grimm will be featured alongside InfinitEvol, a one man wrecking crew from New York (new album set to release mid 2010), and several other promising groups.

To commemorate the launch MF Grimm will utilize’s virtual townhall platform, which will enable him to take live video calls from an audience of text chatters. Those interested in taking part may access the forum from or The event is open to the public and will begin Monday, August 24 at 7:00pm PST.

For more information on MF Grimm and Day By Day Entertainment, visit For more information on the Vokle platform, please visit

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