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Russian-Jamaican Hip-Hop Duo Fly Gypsy To Release The Vodka & Rum Mixtape + Kanye West Remix MP3

Russian-Jamaican Hip-Hop Duo Fly Gypsy To Release The Vodka & Rum Mixtape + Kanye West Remix MP3.

Taking The Grey Album Concept A Step Further, Fly Gypsy Mixes Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, Nas, Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes and Jose Feliciano Into Its Own Songs spacer

Fly Gypsy, the hip-hop duo comprised of Russian-born producer/one-man-band Alexei Jendayi and Jamaican-born emcee Kowboy Kom, is proud to announce the release of its latest project, The Vodka and Rum Mixtape, currently available via the group’s own Fly Gypsy Music (

A classic feel-good record, Vodka & Rum connects 70’s soul with 90’s electronica, Lauryn Hill with The Chemical Brothers, and heavy synths with acoustic guitars, all while highlighting Kom’s lyrical versatility and Alexei’s production prowess. In creating The Vodka & Rum Mixtape, the Washington, D.C.-based duo set aside its usual production and writing formula. “Both of us did something on this album that our fans would not typically expect from us,” says Kom. “Alexei used samples, which he doesn’t usually do. I decided to not be super lyrical all the time and just have fun and write some fresh, young, and sexy songs.”

While the mixtape is not necessarily representative of the Fly Gypsy sound, which is normally more guitar and minor-key driven, the mixtape showcases the duo’s musical dexterity, displaying Fly Gypsy’s ability to provide a range and variance of musical and lyrical emotion throughout their songs. Speaking about the group’s direction for the mixtape Alexei says, “Vodka & Rum reflects a more playful side of Fly Gypsy, especially given Kom’s hilarious monologues. It was easily the most fun that Kom and I have had in the studio so far.”

The title Vodka & Rum references Alexei and Kom’s distinct immigrant backgrounds. Alexei was born and raised in Russia, coming to the United States in his teens. He grew up on stage, dancing, and performing music. Kom was born in Jamaica and moved to Brooklyn, NY with his family while still a child. Growing up in New York during the golden era of hip-hop, Kom was inspired by hip-hop artists such as Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes, and Notorious B.I.G. Kom and Alexei met in a cipher at D.C.’s institution Bar Nun, a famed open-mic spot that produced Raheem DeVaughn and for many years was home to D.C.’s hip-hop community. Upon meeting, the duo began working together, and that musical relationship has spawned a number of projects from the duo, including The Vodka and Rum Mixtape and a forthcoming EP. The Vodka and Rum Mixtape is available now for free download via


Reasons” feat. Kanye West

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