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10 year old Rap artist Young Vishis, says I’m just bringing Jay-Zs’ words to life.

10 yrs old Rap artist Young Vishis, says I’m just bringing Jay-Zs’ words to life.

10 year old Durvel Wilson Jr. (Young Vishis), from York, PA has unique distinctions – He has been entering freestyle battles since he was 8 years old.

His name? Young Vishis, given to him by a hip hop artist at the freestyle battles. Honestly Young Vishis knew he wanted to do this before his parents could realize he was serious. For Young Vishis it started when he said “Mom, Dad I am going to do a show in the living room and I am going to have a big turn out.” Young Vishis hand wrote flyer’s and passed them out to all his moms friends, family and clients. His mother, Marisa Shockley-Wilson said, “I just came downstairs and my living room was full with people. He performed an 1 hour long show and included his dancers to fill time.”

Young Vishis was always around the music. His mom, Marisa and two aunt’s Bridget and Shavon Shockley had a singing group named “Beneath The Surface”, that was going to be the R&B group signed to Bad Boy Entertainment before the group “Total”. However, due to contract disagreements the deal never went through. His dad Durvel Wilson Sr., the head of Native Son Records has always been on the management side of the music, which kept Young Vishis around producers, artist or entertainers all the time. Young Vishis, early on understood how to dedicate his time to his music and still have time for school and playing cornerback for his football team “The York City Boys Club”. They have been undefeated and won the championship every year that he has played on the team. He dedicates his work ethic on the field to his dad and his uncle Shamar Mosely, who was one of York Highs top football players, in there perspective years.

Ask Young Vishis and he will tell you “selling records isn’t hard for me, I have a young street team that I use, they consist of my school friends, neighborhood associates and family members. The same team that I include in my shows, practices, sales and audience, go out with my CD sell them for $5.00 and I keep $3.00 so we can get more Cd’s. After all who wouldn’t buy from a kid, he explains.” Young Vishis has goals to hire young street teems all over the east coast to promote his music. When it comes to his career Native Son guides him, but he sets up his own practices, studio time and most recently started to record himself.

When watching him on stage you have to marvel at how comfortable he looks up there. He plays to the audience and just has fun. He dances, freestyles and involves the audience with no coaching at all. When he entered his first talent show, it was obvious that he was way past that stage. His current goal is performing at car shows, events centers and charity events. He is also working on a Christmas Boys & Girls club tour on the east coast. Young Vishis has started his acting career and is currently shooting for an independent film and looking forward to more film and TV roles.

Jay Z referred to him in “Backstage” as the “little boy at home, eating cereal, written rhymes, trying to be better than me!. He’s authentic and built for this game.

Young Vishis is currently in the studio finishing his mixtape, which will be hosted by Slip N Slide Dj 5053. He promises that everyone of all ages will be able to listen to this CD and play it anywhere.

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