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Swollen Members Madchild Discusses Addiction VLOG#1

As the Swollen Members wrapped up the recording of the fourth full-length studio LP, Black Magic, in late 2006 the group celebrated a Billboard Top 20 Independent release, a Juno Award (their 4th) and a very successful tour run with Ghostface and Black Eyed Peas. Yet, before they could continue that wave of success with another follow-up LP, the group was hit with the news that their distributor (TVT) was ceasing operations and that their management was about to drop them due to Madchild’s “nefarious associations” with the Hells Angels.

It was about this time that the most serious turn of events unfolded for the group as well, as member Madchild was in full-crisis mode and succumbing to a serious and life threatening addiction to prescription painkillers (Percocet, Oxycontin).

While Madchild has now been clean for two months, we will be releasing a three-part VLOG series that chronicles Madchild’s spiral into addiction, rehab, relapse and recovery–as he details all of the aspects of addiction and the toil it took on him, his family, his friends and his group.

VLOG edition #1 details Madchild’s ascent into addiction and the copious amount of pills he was at one time taking on a daily basis.

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