Kharia Marteen Featuring Dice Raw Release Original Track “Brick By Brick” For Sundance Docu-Series Brick City

Kharia Marteen Featuring Dice Raw Release Original Track “Brick By Brick” For Sundance Docu-Series Brick City

In conjunction with and inspired by Sundance Channel’s provocative and eye-opening docu-series Brick City, which takes an in-depth look at the challenges facing the city of Newark, New Jersey and its outspoken and charismatic mayor, Cory Booker, comes an original track from Kharia Marteen. “Brick By Brick,” created and produced by Kharia Marteen, featuring Dice Raw gives insight on this inner city’s struggles.

Khari Mateen, lyricist on the track “Brick By Brick” explains his inspiration for the track from, “the first time I had the opportunity to see any footage of this show, I could not imagine how deeply invested I would be. Working on this score, I wanted to create musical emotions as powerful as I experienced on screen. Like most people watching, I did not know much about the inner workings of the community of Newark. But I do know that here is one more city within a list of many, that needs attention. I would like to thank everyone that made this possible, and for giving me the chance to be apart of something truly unique.”

Dice Raw, best know for his association with The Roots also explains, “I have been to many cities over the years and understand that many endure individual hardships. Yes, I have been to Newark “Brick City” New Jersey. I have seen the crime and poverty stricken area’s that hurt the progression of this town. And through all this, there is a community of people that want to make a difference, and produce change, just like in many other cities across America, and the world. It’s great when film makers and difference makers join. I am pleased to be apart of it.”

Download “Brick By Brick” here

Watch the video for “Brick By Brick” here

The five one-hour episodes of Brick City, explores the lives of Mayor Booker and Police Director Garry McCarthy intertwine with Jayda, Blood gang member turned youth mentor, who lives with her Crip boyfriend Creep, and other citizens on the front lines. Brick City will make its television debut Monday, September 21st at 10:00pm et/pt.

“Rebuild community in Newark – inspired by Brick City”
“Donate a Brick”, inspired by Sundance Channel’s documentary series BRICK CITY seeks to give individuals a chance to give back and make a difference in their community. Starting with the Newark, NJ local chapter and spreading to cities across the nation. “Donate a Brick” raises funds to support Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Newark’s mission is to provide opportunities
to youth that empower them to succeed and excel, by providing a safe
environment, caring adults, and quality programs. Sundance Channel will support the “Donate A Brick” initiative by matching donations up to $10,000.

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