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“Back in the Day” Ahmad’s Bright Future | Classic art never loses its relevance – just ask Ahmad.

“Back in the Day” Ahmad’s Bright Future | Classic art never loses its relevance – just ask Ahmad.

His “Back in the Day” hip hop nostalgia theme will surely garner new fans when they hear its unforgettable hook reinterpreted by Mariah Carey and The Dream in the song “Candy Bling,” featured on Mariah’s upcoming album Memories of an Imperfect Angel.

Ahmad’s recent visit to Sway (MTV) and King Tech’s World Famous Wake Up Show yielded a special moment when multi-platinum artist Kanye West stopped his interview to specifically recognize and applaud Ahmad (who was seated next to him) for his staying power, style and demeanor.

“He looks like this game hasn’t destroyed him,” West stated concerning Ahmad. “And I commended him on that.”

XXL magazine agrees with Mr. West’s assessment and, in a story featured in the upcoming November issue, highlights Ahmad’s story as an atypical one – particularly in a field better known for its excess than its success.

A hit single at the age of 18 simultaneously ignited and frustrated Ahmad’s early music career. After a short hiatus, Ahmad returned to the scene in 2000. He formed Lookalive records in 2002, and promptly secured an imprint deal with Interscope records for his band 4th Avenue Jones.

4th Avenue Jones achieved modest success as a touring band, performing with the The Black Eyed Peas, Sheryl Crow, The Roots and James Brown. However, the group disbanded in 2006 to pursue individual endeavors.

Ahmad retreated to the classroom where he enrolled in Long Beach City College. After graduating as a 4.0 GPA valedictorian, he was accepted to Stanford University.

Ahmad’s current focus is on his new music company WeCLAP (We Change Lives, Attitudes & Perceptions) and his second album as a solo artist The Death of Me. The project will be released on December 15 in partnership with Syntax Distribution a division of Quality Junk, LLC.

The artwork for The Death of Me is already generating a buzz. Faintly echoing the iconic SOURCE Magazine cover of Dr. Dre with a pistol aimed at his own temple, interpretations are varied.

In reference to his latest release, Ahmad states, “I assure you that The Death of Me is going to bring light to millions globally. The authenticity is dripping off of each song. The album is as it should be. My new self is as committed to peace, justice, equality, and liberation as the old one. My art is just better refined, and better orchestrated. I have no fear. It’s the only way to fly.”

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