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Timbaland’s Beaterator

Peter Rock, Marco Polo and Ski Beats demonstrate the awesome power of this beat-makin’ baby! You also get to see rappers like Jay Electronica, Torae, Twista, and Freestyle 101s own Sean Price and Buckshot play with the device, cranking out beats and freestyles along the way. You’ll learn that Beaterator allows you to pitch shift, time stretch, sample and even record vocals. And dig that crazy swing function! It’s….swinging!

Yup, all this and more courtesy of Rock Star Games and multi-platinum producer Timbaland. And check out the original Beaterator trailer after the jump…starring the mighty Ice-T!

Question is though: Can you really make dope beats with a device like this? Don’t you need things like two turntables and a microphone to truly freak a beat? Or is that old school thinkin’? What do you think?

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