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Wax Poetics to Release Two New Albums with Black Dynamite Film

Wax Poetics to Release Two New Albums with Black Dynamite Film

Listen to “Shot Me in the Heart” Now

Black Dynamite Soundtrack Black Dynamite Score

Black Dynamite (Original Motion Picture Score) – Wax Poetics Records
Release Date: 10/20/09

In just over two weeks, the best Blaxploitation film of 2009 will hit theaters. Black Dynamite is the story of an ex-CIA agent on a mission to avenge his brother’s death, fight smack in the orphanage, and rid the ghetto of adulterated malt liquor. But that’s not all!

Not one but two full albums of Black Dynamite worthy soul will hit stores just days later. The Black Dynamite Motion Picture Soundtrack and Original Motion Picture Score will each be available via music retailers online and off beginning October 20th and on iTunes and Amazon digital beginning October 13th.

The score is composed by Adrian Younge, self-taught musician, film editor, recording engineer, and owner of one of the last fully operational analog studios in Los Angeles. Check out “Shot Me in the Heart” from the Original Motion Picture Score below and view the trailer at the link below that.

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