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SoulStice “Strange Kinda Love” audio

In Hip-Hop addressing and or discussing homosexuality is like addressing the “Elephant In The Room” as its undeniably one of the cultures most taboo and debated topics. Whatever your feelings might be about the topic (pro or con) for an artist in the Urban Culture to even broach the topic represents risk. That said, you have to give it up to SoulStice for pushing the envelope (which is what artists are supposed to do), addressing it and doing so in an objective and educated manner. This undeniably falls into the “it takes a strong man to stand up for yourself, but it takes a brave man to standup for others” category. Personally, I feel SoulStice should be applauded for even taking the risk and for having a big enough pair to do so.

Perhaps, SoulStice himself sums it up more eloquently…

“As a Black man in America that’s also part of an interracial marriage, I’ve experienced my share of prejudice and bigotry. We’ve come far on issues of race, but still have a ways to go. However, at this stage in the game, I feel like we’ve got even farther to go on issues relating to same-sex relationships and marriages. Love is love…we should have gotten that, if nothing else, from the musical legacies of artists like Michael and Stevie. It’s not a “safe” move for a hip hop artist to show this kind of support for the GLBT community. But as an artist, I feel like it’s my job to challenge the status quo, not just play into it or step around it. To me, being revolutionary means fighting not just for you and yours but for any community suffering injustice.”

DL Link to SoulStice’ “Strange Kinda Love

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