Juttla – At War With Satan – Dubstep album

Artist: JUTTLA

Title: ‘At War With Satan’ (ALBUM)



JUTTLA is a well-respected producer and artist from the UK. He has been making a name for himself on the Asian music scene for the last few years remixing Asian Dub Foundation, Marshall Jefferson, Fundamental, Banco De Gaia, Wayward Soul, Awia, and many more. JUTTLA is also known on the DJ circuit and has played venues in all over the UK including his home-town of Wolverhampton, as well as Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Leicester, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Coventry and playing at the legendary Glastonbury Festival twice! He is also know on the international DJ scene and has rocked dance-floors in Cape Town (South Africa), Amsterdam (Holland), Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France), Warsaw (Poland) and Rome & Sicily (Italy). This latest album ‘At War With Satan’ is his first Dubstep album and has already received plays from Bobby Friction, Nihal, Annie Mac, Nerm & D-Code on BBC Radio 1, as well as numerous plays on Galaxy FM, BBC Asian Network, UK Rumble and HHBRadio.com.

JUTTLA has already received superb reviews in most leading Asian and UK Dance publications including a review in the national UK newspaper Metro as well as getting a two-page feature in the first issue of the brand new Dubstep magazine Rickshaw. JUTTLA also has a massive Internet presence and when you Google search his name you can expect to read through 12,000 pages. ‘At War With Satan’ features fourteen brand new tracks which have been available on CD before. This album is a future classic. Call it Dubstep, call it Leftfield, call it Dance, call it Electronica, call it Asian, call it whatever you want, but we call it ‘At War With Satan’! Eastern Pressure Records have done it again… be on the lookout for a new Juttla album in 2010.

01. Ramp With Me 4.50
02. The Spy 5.23
03. Little Problem 5.05
04. Sub Zero 5.42
05. Lock Down 4.33
06. Inner Soul 5.10
07. Dub Dragon 5.36
08. Kush 5.40
09. Deception 5.20
10. Stoned Under The Carpet 4.50
11. Khaki Brown 5.58
12. The Third Eye 5.27
13. Stalker 3.51
14. Distant Aura’s 6.08

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