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Free Download: Spon “Sponatola” album sampler

Free Download: Spon “Sponatola” album sampler

Now available for free download is the album sampler from Spon’s upcoming album “Sponatola”. A Florida native emcee/producer and co-Founder of The Beat Fanatic fam Marc “Spon” Irvin can be heard on various albums, mixtapes & radio stations all over the world. If you heard Da Goldminerz “Gold Rush” or Maestroes “Culture Weapon” you might have heard this coming. Spon “Sponatola” LP is the first solo release which has NO guest features on it except for the monstrous production line up of Beat Fanatic members such as… Rik Marvel (Germany), Jr. Eakee (France), Infinitskills (Belgium), fLako (Berlin), Phonk Sycke & DJ El-Zink (France), 12-bit (Sweden), Slopfunkdust, Jony Fraze, Young Cee, RanMecca, Baba Israel & Discreet. Every track is solid from “Mafia Cops” a tail of corrupted law enforcement to “Sin City 2” where Spon states “I’ll take a bullet for my crew…” a song which takes listener’s threw the harsh city life environments & explains his undeniable devotion to his music & fam. “Sponatola” coming soon on Domination Recordings!

Free Download: “Sponatola” Album Sampler

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