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Hell Rell Releasing New Album ‘Live From Hell’ On November 3

Hell Rell Releasing New Album ‘Live From Hell’ On November 3

One of the original members of NYC based hip hop crew Diplomats (Dipset) Hell Rell is back with ‘Live From Hell,’ a 12 track official album, his first in a year.

Born Durrell Muhammad raised in Bronx NY, he paints a visual picture of everyday life in NYC. Hell Rell is considered by many, including members of the Dipset crew, to be the leading street force. And for that he has developed an impressive ‘fanbase’. Featuring the singles Turn The Party Out and So Cold, Live From Hell will be in stores and online November 3, 2009.

NEW ‘Live From Hell’ Tracklisting:

1) Intro (2:22)
2) Turn The Party Out (2:56)
3) So Cold (3:09)
4) Close My Eyes (2:38)
5) Exterminate (3:01)
6) Return Of The Grind (2:48)
7) By Your Side (3:46)
8) So Special (3:11)
9) Profit (4:19)
10) Top Gunna Takeover (3:28)
11) Greatness (1:56)
12) Motion Picture (3:39)
13) I Heard They’re Looking For Me (2:43)

Hell Rell – Turn The Party Out (MP3)

Hell Rell – So Cold (MP3)

Hell Rell
Live From Hell – In Stores November 3
Money Maker Entertainment / EMI

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