Dude N Nem Get Tinted At AOL, Release McDonalds Video

Dude N Nem Get Tinted At AOL, Release McDonalds Video

Chicago hip-hop duo Dude N Nem made a splash a few years back with their infectious debut single, “Watch My Feet.” Since then emcees Tragic and Utmost have been in the lab working on the full-length answer to the question “how the hell are they gonna follow that monster single up?” Enter Tinted Incubators, a rowdy, kaleidoscopic slab of juke, jams and sweaty club pleasers. The album is streaming all week over on AOL Music. Hear it for yourself now.

Listen To Dude N Nem’s Tinted Incubators

And as if a new record and a full album stream wasn’t enough, the duo just released a hilarious clip for one of Incubators’ most amusing cuts, “McDonalds.” Following on the heels of the “Sound Sexy” video (itself worth a laugh or two), this clip features Tragic and Utmost in a booth at a local MickyD’s, crooning to semi-interested young things, “girl, you deserve the best in life, so tonight I’m gonna treat you right, and I hope you have an appetite, cause we’re going to McDonalds.”

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