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Jack Splash featuring Kelis from the new album Heir To The Throne volume 1

New Jack Splash song featuring Kelis from “Heir To The Throne Vol 1” (coming 11/11/09). No joke, Missy Elliott says he’s the next prince (see the insane list of quotes on him below). He’s done records for Alicia Keys, R. Kelly, Kelis, Estelle, Cee-Lo’s entire upcoming album, John Legend, Solange, Anthony Hamilton, etc. His album (and short film) coming in March 2010 is his opus (singing, rapping, producing and big guests) entitled “Technology and Love Might Save Us All”- on J Records.

Here is a link for the song he did with Kelis called “In the Future”- track off this first mixtape that starts off a 3 part series.

Jack Splash/Kelis “In The Future” track

“Jack Splash is the next Prince!” – MISSY ELLIOT

“Jack Splash’s album is so fun that I feel like I’m 5 again!” – SIA

“Jack Splash is the future of music” – R KELLY

“Just what I’ve been looking for, the new generation of funk! – MOS DEF

“Another piece of the movement a/k/a GOOD MUSIC! – CEE-LO GREEN

“Pushing buttons of electronic wonder while giving us the sweat and funk of humanity. There’s a beautiful techno funk combo happening within”. – CHEMICAL BROTHERS

“Jack Splash’s ‘Technology and Love Might Save Us All…’ is some Creative Futuristic Funk! Good Music is still Alive! -Kerry “Krucial” Brothers (ALICIA KEYS production partner)

“The next Outkast!” – Rolling Stone

“Jack’s gumbo of soul-disco and cosmic-hop spreads a message of Love” – Vibe Magazine

“This Album EXPLODES into a fast-paced, guitar-ridden soul party before winding down to the melodic whispers about love that complete the flawless course of this album!” – XLR8R Magazine


1) Charlie Wilson (The Intro)
2) Girl, I Just Met You!
3) Baatin (Missin U…)
4) U Don’t Know What You’re Missin (Feat. T-Pain)
5) Little Richard (The Beef)
6) In The Future (feat. Kelis)
7) Sly Stone (The Throne)
8) Like A Ringtone (feat R Kelly & T-Pain)
9) James Brown (2 cute 4 Jail)
10) My Dream Girl (part 1)
11) Luv Slut
12) Rick James (Nasty With The Bass)
13) Tangerine
14) Lauryn Hill (Ain’t Crazy)
15) A Little Mo Love Music

The forthcoming album “Technology and Love Might Save Us All…” coming March 2010 on J Records in America and Columbia for Europe.

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Jack Splash is it, this dude crazy, he is one of the best artist out right now, simply because he is very talented and different. Check Jack Splash out,

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