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WILL SMIFF DOGG talks FREEMASONRY, 50 Cent, and his new music video

WILL SMIFF DOGG talks FREEMASONRY, 50 Cent, and his new music video

It’s Mid afternoon at the Sheraton’s 5 star hotel in downtown New Orleans. Hurricane Ida has just been downsized to a tropical storm, and Will Smiff Dogg sits comfortably on the bed overlooking downtown New Orleans. This 20th floor view is Immaculate and right out the pages of any popular hip-hop magazine. So how is this unsigned artist able to be in Seattle, Sacramento, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and New Orleans all in the same year??

“I pray a lot, and I thank I AM THAT I AM (God) for his infinite blessings” exclaims Will Smiff Dogg.” And blessed he is. With two albums finished this year and generating revenue on iTunes, a brand new music video for his single “Perfume”, 3 successful online mixtapes, and a major marketing/promotional campaign going on in Germany as we speak, Will Smiff Dogg is an unstoppable force in 2009.

We asked Will Smiff Dogg what keeps him motivated even though most people now say Hip-Hop is either dead, run by Freemason secret societies, or not generating as much revenue as it once did? His response was very uncanny. Will explained,” I have Freemasons in my family, so I figure if hip-hop is run by freemasons I should already have a major record deal right? Besides that there’s still room for us unsigned artists in Hip-hop. With sites like, fans can now fund their favorite artists.” (fund Will Smiff Dogg now at:

We asked Will Smiff Dogg which rappers he admired in the game at this time, and he had this to say,” It’s funny because 50 cent has been one of my favorites since he came out, but his music array is so vast that I sometimes don’t enjoy his work just because of the hype. My older sister met 50 cent at her job last week, and he signed an autograph for me (under my real name of EDDIE), so I’m a 50 cent fan all day now. I’ve dropped material off at the G-UNIT office headquarters a few times when I went by the rap name Lix, but I think my new material is far superior to my old stuff.” GUNIT A&R’s and Label Execs feel free to contact Will Smiff Dogg Immediately.

We got to get a sneak preview of Will Smiff Dogg’s new PERFUME music video, and It is very different than we expected. The video seems to capture a sensual side of Hip-Hop instead of going the normal sex sells route. With lots of hot backdrops like the Brooklyn Bridge, Yachts, Cars driving by, Lexus Convertibles, and Sunset rooftop views of NYC, Will Smiff Dogg seems to separate himself (in a Kanye West sort of way) from your average rap artists. A& R, Label Execs (on both coasts), and DJs…Don’t you think it’s about time to start congratulating this hardworking worldwide artists? I present to you the PERFUME music video!!!!!

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