URB.com, Fat Beats, and Audible Treats Partner To Create All-Star Remix Album For El Michels Affair’s Enter The 37th Chamber + MP3 First Single Enlists Diamond District to Re-Imagine El Michel’s Version Of Wu-Tang Classic “The PJ’s”

URB.com, Fat Beats, and Audible Treats Partner To Create All-Star Remix Album For El Michels Affair’s Enter The 37th Chamber + MP3 First Single Enlists Diamond District to Re-Imagine El Michel’s Version Of Wu-Tang Classic “The PJ’s”

Critical Praise for Diamond District:

“If Diamond District is any indication, DMV really does have what Oddisee refers to as ‘the hottest edition of what you’ve been missing.'” – HipHopDX.com

“On ‘Back To Basics,’ the MCs liken themselves to the ’93 version of De La Soul. While it’s a bit too early to go that far, Diamond District comes close.” – PrefixMag.com

“In the Ruff (Mello Music Group) recalls hip-hop from yesteryear (and sometimes Slum Village at their best), but remains quite forward thinking nonetheless… Simultaneously thoughtful and rugged, intelligent and funky, Diamond District have created an excellent album that will hopefully fly way above the radar as 2010 approaches.” – LostAtSea.net

The Song:

One of 2009’s most innovative cult hit albums is getting a makeover for 2010. The original version of El Michels Affair’s Enter The 37th Chamber was itself a full-band instrumental re-imagining of the Wu-Tang Clan’s iconic Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers), along with a handful of other classic Wu songs. Now, that album is getting its own remix treatment with URB.com, Fat Beats, and Audible Treats collaborating to present: Enter The 38th Chamber. The remix series features a carefully chosen array of emcees rhyming over El Michels’ signature funk and dusty soul. URB.com will be exclusively debuting much of the album track by track, including cuts by Diamond District, Del The Funky Homosapien, A-Plus of Souls Of Mischief, Kam Moye, Nightclubber Lang of Boom Bap Project, Sandpeople, Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, and many more surprises.

Enter The 38th Chamber is a dream come true not only for pre-existing El Michels Affair or Wu Tang fans, but also for listeners who don’t have a taste for purely instrumental music. It’s tough to argue with the straight funk that El Michels have always produced- now that sound comes with fresh lyricism layered on top, making it a complete and compelling package.

The first released track, out now on URB.com, features red-hot DMV hip-hop trio Diamond District rhyming over the Raekwon track “The PJ’s.” Emcees Oddisee, X.O., and yU weren’t difficult to enlist- Oddisee says that they “chose the PJ’s beat simply because we loved the remake and the original version so much. We love to tell stories, so that was the ideal track.” Trying to remake hip-hop classics is obviously no easy feat, so Diamond District decided not to try to outdo the original, but to come at it from a completely different angle. “We chose to tackle the song like a cypher instead of a structured song. We didn’t want to compete with the original, but still wanted to display that we were worthy enough to bless it.”

The PJ’s” Diamond District & El Michels Remix

The Background:

The group Diamond District is comprised of emcee/producer Oddisee, and emcees X.O. and YU. Greatly influenced by their surroundings and love for 90’s east coast hip-hop, Diamond District is on a mission to bring back the sounds of old with a new twist and represent for the DMV. X.O. who was born & raised in the North West quarter of D.C. defines what it is to be a black male raised in the district. With lyrics that depict street life and harsh surroundings, X.O. has a way of philosophizing that raw, gutter reality of DC life that is rarely looked at or spoken about when we discuss our nation’s capitol. Oddisee defines the experience of growing up in black middle class Maryland. Bordering the poverty that his and many other families fled to escape, they found out over time that the troubles of the inner city came along with them. Oddisee’s soulful, haunting samples over bass-heavy beat breaks create the perfect instrumentals for Diamond District to match the street savvy, politically conscious lyrics that capture the dynamic of being from the DMV. Y.U., having been raised in the district, Maryland & Virginia, brings that extra variety to the group and shows that D.C. culture has a huge influence beyond its 10 mile radius. Being that YU has lived in all areas of the DMV, his lyrics and stories compliment the rest of the group and define what it means to be from the DMV. In The Ruff, is available now via Mello Music Group.

About Mello Music Group:

Like Lao Tzu in hip-hop, Mello Music Group provides music for the soul, from the heart of American culture, opening the realm of the intelligent hip-hop experience through melodic evocations, beats that corroborate the truth, and voices that roar above the rising void and impose order on the terrible & triumphant moments of everyday life. This is the compelling sound of Mello Music Group. Industry newcomer Michael Tolle founded MMG in 2007 and is acting Director of Operations. MMG will be releasing projects from Oddisee, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kenn Starr, Finale, Trek Life, Dudley Perkins, Sareem Poems, and YU in 2010.

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