In stores now is the debut album from N.J. based emcee S.T.I.N.K Fest titled “Flow Frazier” on Serious Knock Entertainment.

In stores now is the debut album from N.J. based emcee S.T.I.N.K Fest titled “Flow Frazier” on Serious Knock Entertainment.

About the release: With a refreshing blend of wit, humor, and intelligence S.T.I.N.K (Survived Taught Ignorance Now King) along with producer DJ Pocket have creatively begun to champion the resurgence of substance in Hip Hop. With a concentrated effort on spontaneity the 16 track LP provides a feeling of free spirited energy. Tracks such as “Yall act like yall don’t know” and “One God” offer a glimpse into the underlying essence of S.T.I.N.K.’s overall character, while “Flotation” featuring Eclipse and “Black” featuring Count Bass D and DJ Pocket demonstrate the obvious influence of the “old school” approach to emceeing, lyrics first. With lyrics so witty, you’ll have to give this one a couple listens to grasp the entire scope of creativity. With the lead off single “Really Dat” and follow up “Make love to the Studio” the versatility of S.T.I.N.K. Fest as an emcee is quite obvious. The most impressive aspect of this collective is no two songs are similar and there are no repeat topics. Although this LP goes against the grain (definitely not a sing along) it is a must hear for those who appreciate Hip Hop to its core. In three words or less…Dude got lyrics!

1. Y’all Act Like Y’all Don’t Know
2. C ME
3. Jump Your Bones
4. Out To Lunch
5. Said It Off
6. Git Dat Gwop
7. Really Dat (FREE DOWNLOAD)
8. Make Love To The Studio
9. Flotation Feat. Eclipse
10. One God Intro
11. One God
12. Hugs-N-Kisses
13. I’m A Problem
14. No Jacob
15. Black Feat. Pocket and Count Bass D
16. We Made It

“Flow Frazier” is now available at:
– iTunes
– eMusic
– Rhapsody

About the artist: With the state of HIP HOP arguably dominated by the sounds of the south, D. Rector aka S.T.I.N.K. (Survived Taught Ignorance Now King) may be the East Coasts great redeemer. The 25 yr. old native of the country’s most impoverished city Camden, N.J, has taken a liking to the Crunk Revolution and has surprisingly managed to alter his style to appeal to the ears of the South. Without sacrificing his signature (East Coast/ Up North/ Lyrics first) Hip Hop style, S.T.I.N.K. has managed to add another dimension to his ability to produce humorous, witty, thought provoking songs that cannot be limited to just one genre of Hip Hop. S.T.I.N.K. has a knack of engaging listeners to follow line after line as he sets up creative punch lines that compel his listeners to either laugh, smirk or just think about what he just spit. Being influenced by a variety of artists who have their own unique style has helped S.T.I.N.K. to craft for himself a style that is respected by all walks of life. He credits artists like Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, N.W.A, LL Cool J and KRS One for showing him the components of a complete emcee. With the Establishment of Serious Knock Entertainment, S.T.I.N.K. is set to dish out a few doses of that real Hip Hop medicine.??Although he sees himself as an Artist first, Stink has recently begun writing for R&B and other Hip Hop artists as well. Expect to hear a lot from the Serious Knock Entertainment camp as they prepare to begin renovations on an industry standing on unstable grounds.

About the label: SERIOUS KNOCK ENTERTAINMENT is a Music Entertainment Company based out of Atlanta, GA, that has created their own lane in this ever changing Entertainment Industry. Consisting of music production, publishing, artist development, distribution, songwriting, management, and recording facilities, SKE is already leaving it’s mark. From producing movie soundtracks and sounds for reality television shows to radio production this team of organized and well skilled creators consistently manufacture music that spreads throughout many music mediums and genres. The company consists of various record producers, songwriters, recording artists, engineers and various business executives. Their experiences range from playing live for major recording artists and film scoring to songwriting, music publishing and structuring and negotiating many types of deals. With these skills constantly getting sharper, SKE is ready to handle business. SKE is consistently working on new and innovative ways to market and create awareness of their company and the products they manufacture and distribute worldwide.

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