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Free Mixtape: Mygrane McNastee & DJ YNOT

Mygrane McNastee is a rappers rapper, a complete emcee. Able to capture listeners with universal vibes, an outstanding voice and electric charisma. The name MyGrane means one who follows his own grains (ways and means of life). McNastee simply means MC Nasty! Having opened up for numerous established artist including KRS-one, C-Rayz Walz, Clipse, Lady Luck, Cormega, Wu-Tang Clan, has prepared him for what it takes to perform on any stage in the world. MyGrane has also been interviewed on the World Famous Wake up Show by Sway and King Tech on the same mic your favorite emcee has probably been on. Enter his world of Hip Hop, Lyricism, politics, and a spaced out sense of humor for multiple Brain-gasms. Bringing forth originality with content in conjunction with everything under the sun, Mygrane McNastee captures the crowd like no other Rap artist. Now available for free download is the new mixtape from Mygrane McNastee & DJ YNOT!!

Tracklisting & Guests Appearances:

Free Download: MyGrane McNastee & DJ Ynot Mixtape

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