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Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist Kwanza Jones joins Beyonce, Katie Ford, Halle Berry, Lee Daniels and more in support of ‘Girls Are Not for Sale’ Campaign and will appear in music video for charity single “This is to Mother You” featuring Sinead O’Connor and Mary J. Blige as the Princeton Graduate who recently released her own single “Everything Around You (I’m Not Happy)” prepares for debut of upcoming album Supercharged! featuring musical credits from Keith Rouster (Michael Jackson), Tim Carmon (Eric Clapton, Beyonce), Josh Sklair (Etta James) and Donnell Spencer

Los Angeles based Kwanza Jones is one of the latest artists to help bring awareness to the issue of child sex trafficking, others already involved include Beyoncé Knowles, Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Sinead O’Connor and Mary J Blige. Last month O’Connor and Blige recorded a remake of O’Connor’s prolific song “This is to Mother You” in order to bring awareness to this inhumane crisis. Singer and songwriter Kwanza Jones joined an all-star lineup including Daisy Fuentes to participate in the music video and public service announcement.

‘Girls Are Not for Sale’ is a national initiative from GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services), an anti-sex trafficking organization. The campaign aims to inspire the American public to take easy, effective actions to nurture and empower American girls who have been kidnapped and/or lured into the sex industry. This mission is to protect every girl from the dangers of commercial sexual exploitation. GEMS is using e-activism, live events, all-star artist collaborations and other initiatives to promote girl empowerment and education as a critical tool in the fight against child traffickers and pimps who victimize between 100,000 and 300,000 American children and teens each year.

Kwanza Jones, known for using her time, talent and energy to inspire others, says “I first heard about GEMS when I was approached to be in the music video for ‘This is to Mother You’. Being a part of this campaign is such a natural fit because two causes that are important to me are empowerment and education. Girls should be celebrated not sold. Human trafficking is not an issue that happens somewhere far away to people we don’t know. It could be your daughter, your sister, your friend. It’s local and it’s personal. I’m happy to add my voice to so many others who working to change this.”

“This is to Mother You” was digitally released on December 2nd. Proceeds of sales will go toward GEMS’ Girls Fund. Meanwhile Kwanza Jones has released the first single/music video “Everything Around You (I’m not Happy)” off her forthcoming LP Supercharged! which will be released this Spring 2010. Although not as politically charged the song is a personal tale about romance gone awry, already drawing comparisons to India.Arie and Alicia Keys. Co-produced by Keith Rouster – former bass player for Michael Jackson and songwriter for Motown’s most successful act The Temptations, Supercharged! also features Tim Carmon – well known keyboardist for Eric Clapton and Beyonce; Josh Sklair – guitarist and Musical Director for Etta James and Donnell Spencer Jr. – former drummer and songwriter for Jody Watley’s “Turned Away” which reached #1 on the Billboard R&B Charts.

Watch Music Video “Everything Around Me (I’m Not Happy)

About Kwanza Jones
Kwanza Jones captivates listeners by singing melodies and belting rock-laced hooks that riddle with emotion, reality lyrics and heart thumping beats. By résumé standards, she has done it all. Releasing two full albums (Naked and Naked 2: Universal Fire), an EP (Victim of the System), and her latest single “Everything Around You (I’m Not Happy)” which is the prelude to her newest album, Supercharged! (slated for Spring 2010 release). The music video was featured on Yahoo’s new music video section. Add a Princeton and law degrees, charismatic presence, songwriting/arranging credits and undoubtedly Kwanza will secure a place in the ever-evolving indie musical landscape. The impressive accolades (such as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and afterwards penning the hit “To the Top” co-produced with Eric Clapton keyboardist, Tim Carmon) continue to pile up. An eclectic blend of soul fused pop mixed with modern acoustics and an R&B kiss, Kwanza masters the art of the blended genre. Yet, the former Miss Baltimore sails past the boundaries of a contrived vocalist and offers audible pleasantries with a ravishing sensual appeal. Visually, Kwanza exudes an angelic glow with an intrinsic beauty that radiates powerful energy. But while Kwanza’s edgy content may make comparatives to Tina Turner apparent, her almost entirely self written songs allow her fans to take pieces of her unique and distinct soul.

“Singer/songwriter and ingénue Kwanza Jones’ new third album was inspired by her personal trek up the treacherous slopes to the 19,340-foot summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. Tenacious and talented, that she is unquestioningly. Surrounding herself with able musicians, that she has certainly done.“ Global Rhythm Magazine

“Has all the soulful energy and pop instincts of artists like Lenny Kravitz, Macy Gray and U2. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Kwanza never lets up with the hook-laden melodies, and her stage presence is rumored to bare all.” Las Vegas Mercury

“Discovery, individuality, seduction and love brought to you via a tasty blend of pop/rock with a dash of soul.” CD Baby

“Kwanza – I know you’ll achieve because your heart is in the right place. Thanks for sharing your talent.” Quincy Jones

About Girls Are Not For Sale
Girls Are Not for Sale is a national campaign with one goal: to inspire one million Americans to take easy, effective actions to nurture and empower American girls who have become victims of child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, and, to protect all girls from the dangers of trafficking. Sparked by the overwhelming public response to the Showtime film ‘Very Young Girls’ and the survivors whose lives it chronicles, the Campaign brings the movement to protect and empower girls to cities across America through live events, grassroots action, ad campaigns, fundraising drives, film premieres, music recordings and much more.

About GEMS
Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) is the nation’s largest non-profit organization specifically designed to empower American girls and young women, ages 12-21 who have experienced sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the commercial sex industry and develop to their full potential. GEMS is committed to ending commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking of children by changing individual lives, transforming public perception, and the systems and policies that impact sexually exploited youth. In 2008, GEMS provided counseling, job training, access to health care and crisis housing to more than 280 young women; provided outreach to more than 1,500 youth; and trained 1,000 youth service workers. Aside from these programs, GEMS also provides a continuum of services including Youth-led facility outreach, street outreach, court advocacy and an Alternatives to Incarceration program, case management, education, recreational and therapeutic groups, youth employment and leadership training, transitional & crisis housing, and referral services.


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