Fat Boys & 98 Degrees artists unite, offer free download of song

Fat Boys & 98 Degrees artists unite, offer free download of song

Known to the 80s generation as the beloved ground breaking trio who took rap beyond the city and into suburban neighborhoods in America and beyond, The Fat Boys were pioneers in what become a hip hop world. In fact, they took to the silver screen not once, not twice, but three times, including cult classics like Krush Groove and Disorderlies; breaking barriers previously assumed to have been unbreakable, their performanced were classic. Years later, The Fat Boys own Prince Markie Dee is one of Miami’s mainstay radio personalities where he hosts the Prince Markie Dee show week nights on 103.5 FM (www.1035TheBeat.com). Markie Dee typically presides over his clothing line (www.FatBoysClothing.com) which has him on the phone with thelikes of Hot Topix, Urban Outfitter, and Spencer’s Gifts; he personally sees to the daily operations of his retail distribution network. However, he is much better known for talent development, having developed the likes of Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child and many more standout artists.

Recently, as he did with The Fat Boys, Louis L. Gregory (Uncle Louie) “rediscovered” a talent that, like The Fat Boys, was not so new, yet had been dormant for some time. Needless to say, that artist is back in the spotlight now. After connecting with 98 Degrees founding member and front man Jeff Timmons on twitter, @TheFatBoys found themselves “tweeting” with @JeffTimmons98 on a regular basis, which led to a question that is asked more often than not, “why don’t we do a song together?” While that question is tossed around amongst many artists, often times merely as an ice breaker, or a sign of respect, Louie carefully considered this and decided “that this could be an outside the box collaboration that just may produce a hit song”.

Jeff worked with his high school buddies from Ohio, also known as his production crew, (Matthew Fechter, Craig Fechter, Anthony Battle, Dave Feller) and quickly put together a track, followed by a writing session and finally, he recorded his vocals. Far removed from the 80s and the decade’s tape reel recording methods, and in the spirit of the “digital revolution”, Jeff emailed Louie the track and Prince Markie Dee hit the studio, delivering a classic 16 bars within hours. With Jeff’s vocals recorded in California and Markie’s recorded in Miami, the song was now complete. The best part about this song, aside from the hard hitting track, Jeff’s emotional singing and the poignant old school flow of Markie Dee, is that fact that it was mutually agreed upon that they would distribute this track absolutely free. There is a download link in the “Updates and News” section of www.Uncle-Louie.com. So what’s next? Jeff and Markie are hoping that Louie can bring comedic star Any Milonakis “into the mix” for idea they say “is sure to go viral”. Stay tuned.

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