Eyedea and Abilities, live at The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC

Eyedea and Abilities, live at The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC

written by Heather Snowball and Amber-Bryant Peller

On the corner of Kingsway and 12th people gathered at the Biltmore Cabaret to watch what some describe as a “tormented artist.” Eyedea and Abilities show was a display of genuine art and raw emotion. The themes of many songs were often linked to suffering and the human condition though it was contrasted with other lighthearted elements. It began at 10:00pm with the openers.

With an impressive instrument set-up Dosh, the opening act, set the mood for the evening. Ranging from simple 2-step drumbeats to elaborate pieces mixing an assortment of sounds and beats, the one-man-show that is Dosh impressed the audience. Sometimes the music did not seem to follow any recognizable beat but Dosh still managed to entertain well and was later invited back on stage with Eyedea and Abilities.

Eyedea and Abilities brought out a modest crowd. The people there, however, were some of the most invested fans. Conversation hummed at tables and out front as people chatted about their excitement and about how long they have been following the band.

As the night progressed from the opening acts onward, so the anticipation kept increasing. Many fans knew all the lyrics and swayed with the beat. Eyedea, the lyricist and freestyler, displayed his handle over the crowd. When fans got too demanding he jokingly “ssh’d” the audience and reminded them who the star of the show was.

Eyedea maintained his banter with the crowd throughout the night. He transitioned between songs with anecdotes from his past. He also took the opportunity to display one of his most praised talents – his ability to freestyle.

Eyedea was clearly at home on stage. Crowds pushed closer and closer while some fans sat on stage during the night. He just stepped over them and continued to impress.

Abilities got an equally boisterous response from the fans as he was given centre stage to show his intricate turntable work. His skill was undeniable and this was reflected in excitement amongst the crowd.

As the evening winded down and Eyedea and Abilities finished their set the people still wanted more. They chanted “A & E” until the duo took the stage again to perform an encore. The two played a few more songs bringing Dosh, the opening act, back on stage to bring the night to its finale.

The fans left satisfied with the show. It won’t be surprising if Eyedea and Abilities continue to gain recognition because of their stage presence and their raw talent.

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