Na’Shay “My Mama Ain’t Home” Directed by Christopher Van

Na’Shay “My Mama Ain’t Home” Directed by Christopher Van

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South of the City of Angels lives a vibrant, small and extremely multi-cultural town called Carson, CA. This is the home of R&B princess Na’Shay who is signed to the renowned Ruthless Records.

Na’Shay, with her angelic tone, is Ruthless Records’ first of several brand new releases. Her album showcases a young, vibrant and stunning songbird chronicling her journey into first love. Now 21, Na’Shay’s younger peers can share in her coming of age story, and reflect on past experiences. Na’Shay sets good examples and is a positive role model as she shares her journey in finding quality, moral driven decisions when posed with compromising situations.

The CD, based on a series of events/experiences, begins with fun and hanging out, discovering a secret admirer, then a revealed crush to falling in love. Next comes the pressures to give up virginity followed by the heart ache of a cheating boyfriend and lastly the break up.

“My Mama Ain’t Home,” a duet co-written by Na’Shay, follows in the sonic tradition of classic R&B songs, invoking a soft yet strong emotional vibe. The listener is given a peak into a young girl’s mind as she struggles with whether or not to break the rules and call over her crush when “Mama Ain’t Home.”

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