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Mr. Robotic AKA Bullet Officially Changes Name and Launches New Site to Celebrate

Mr. Robotic AKA Bullet Officially Changes Name and Launches New Site to Celebrate

Having spent his entire music life as Bullet, Chicago born and raised Marcas Harris has decided to shed his old moniker and re-engage with his ever extending fan base as Mr Robotic. This change in alias comes after a period of self evaluation and development while taking to the stage at an endless list of clubs and venues in the Mid West.

“I feel for the past couple of years I’ve had the music I?ve been in the public eye and have a great amount of accolades under my belt but still felt overlooked,” the song-writer/rapper explains. “I figured it was because of my name because of the negative connotation and it didn?t really match the music I’ve been making.”

Currently sitting on top of chart with the track Watch the Club Go where he features on the club anthem from DJ Bam Bam, Mr. Robotic is penetrating new markets with his diverse and dedicated attitude to music.

Mr. Robotic shot to fame back in 2008 with his critically acclaimed album Back to the Lyrics which was digitally marketed and distributed independently. Working closely alongside Chicago brethren, producer Slot-A, the Cool Kids and a supporting cast of industry professionals, the change in persona from the Back to the Lyrics days can be seen as more than evolution.

CMJ recognized that Bullet, as he was known when interviewed by the music site, was way ahead of the curve with his break through track Earth Girls. He was creating a sub-genre of Hip-Hop with the synth driven production he found himself recording over which was allowing him to stand out. With Mr. Robotic taking an about turn creatively it was a case of the music finding the name before the name found him.

“I knew there was no way I could market two names and even though I was going by Bullet aka Mr.Robotic, in interviews people were omitting the Bullet and calling me Mr.Robotic, so I had to make a decision.”

Confident that his new identity will be an easy transition for both press and fans, Mr. Robotic heralds this new chapter in his professional life with the launch of a new fully interactive website. will allow fans and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the entire Mr Robotic experience and eventually interact with each other and artist himself.

His competent usage of social networking sites has been an undeniable benefit in communicating with fans, from one corner of the globe to the other. Such experiences have seen him work with a cutting edge design team to create a portal that compliments his brand and the effort he puts in to his craft.

With his fusion of electro, pop and Hip-Hop finding him on ESPN, The Beautiful Life and on some of the music industries most recognized platforms, Mr. Robotic knows that the sound he has worked so hard on over the last couple of years is about to launch him and his supporting cast into new galaxies.

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