Brooklyn MC, Life Dutchee, Leaks New Single “Swimmin In The Money (Nemo)”


Life Dutchee, birth name Delano DeRandamie, took an interest to the music scene at the tender age of 14, when he heard the song “Hit’em up” by Tupac Shakur. Since then, he has been writing his own lyrics and producing his own tracks. Born to Dutch parents (hence the name), he and his family migrated from Amsterdam, Holland The Netherlands to Harlem NY. Uptown, in the late 80’s was referred to as the “crack era”. This was not some place where you would consider having a promising future, therefore his parents decided to relocate to “East New York” Brooklyn. Giving him a well rounded view of two different hip-hop cultures.Proof of this, Dutchee states in one of his songs “Manhattan keep on making it, Brooklyn keep on taking it, that’s something that I witnessed growin’ up-I ain’t fakin’ it”. Growing up in Brooklyn, Dutchee battle-rapped his way through the streets of “East New York” and in high school, quickly developing a name for himself. Soon thereafter, he went on to Long Island University with a full academic scholarship from the well-reknowned financial corporation, Merrill Lynch. During his academic career in college, he once again developed a name for himself and started performing in talent shows on and off campus. Performing, recording demos, and producing tracks using music software Reason and Pro-tools in his dorm room, these were all the start of something great. He went on to making mix-tapes and singles selling them on the street to raise money for his up and coming label Dutch Records, LLC. Now having accomplished the inevitable, Dutch Records is on its way to becoming one of the most successful and lucrative record labels to date. And with Dutchee having the reigns on this operation, it’s only a matter of time

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