DJ YNOT Presents: Lazy Afternoon 6

From DJ YNOT: To my folks, here’s the latest in my mix cd series, “Lazy Afternoon VI”, made for indolent days and nights. Laid back rap, soul, funk, and even a rock break or two for your third eye pod. This mix probably isn’t for everyone, but if you’re reading this it’s most likely for you, lovely how you let ya mind float. Enjoy:

Download: Lazy Afternoon VI

If “Fly, Fly The Route, Shoot”
Super Beagle “Dust Out a Sound Boy”
The Impressions “Finally Got Myself Together”
O.C. “Burn Me Slow”
Wet Willie “Beggers Song”
People Under the Stairs “Carried Away”
Aloe Blacc “Find Your Way”
Lee Fields “Ladies”
Prince Fatty “Shimmy Shimmy ya”
Count Bass D “Down Easy”
Y Society “Of and On”
Bk-One Feat Black Thought “Philly Boy”
Large Professor “LP”
Natural Yougurt Band “Space Echo”
DJ Day “Four Hills”
Kenny Dope “Get on Down”
Shafiq Husayn “Dust n Kisses”
Maxmillion Dunbar “Bare Feet”
The Chakachas “Jungle Fever”
Eightball & MJG “Candy”
Bits and Pieces “Don’t Stop the Music”
DJ Spinna feat Senor Kaos “Call Me Senor”
Jazz Liberators feat J Sands “When the Clock Ticks”
Chin Chin “Go There With You”
Rappin’ 4-Tay “Playaz Club”
Jimmy Mcgriff “The Bird”
East of Underground “Smiling Faces”
Coke “Na Na
Eli Escobar “Heavenly Break”
Tom Scott (Just Edit) “Today”
Main Ingredient ( “Magic Shoes”
Turtles “I’m Chief Kamanawanalea”
Maceo & The Macks “Cross the Tracks”
Ripple “Funky Song”
Kool and The Gang “Jungle Jazz”
Lee Parsons “Music Turns Me On”
Harvey Mandel “Baby Batter”
David Axel Rod “Jahil”
Pookah “Things Don’t Matter”
The Elephant “Do What Ya Love”
Antibalas ‘Che Che Cole”
Fat Back Band “Is This the Future”
Jackie Moore “Time”
Bobbi Humpfrey “San Francisco Lights”
Trackademicks Feat Moxmore “Topsidin”
Earth Wind & Fire “Brazilian Rhyme”
James Pants “I Choose You”
Central Line (Larry leven 12 Mix) “Walking Into Sunshine”
Organized Confusion (Bill K Mix) “Walk Into th Sun”
Phenomenal Hand Clap Band feat Lady Tigra “15 to 20”
Mike 2600 “Now Here’s a Funky Beat”
Final Edition “I can do it”
Bag Raiders vs Sammy Bannas “Fun Punch”
Goody! Goody! “Leggo a Dis One”
Heart Warmer (Flufftronix edit) “Love Song”
Empire of The Sun “Walking on a Dream”
Dillinger “Plantation Heights”

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