Critical Madness Remix Contest

Attention skilled Producers: You have been challenged to participate in a Critical Madness Remix Contest courtesy of Domination Recordings. “The Contest” starts now and ends on April 25th 2010. This Contest provides up & coming producers with a solid opportunity to design their own signature remix that if chosen will appear on a future Domination release that will be distributed worldwide earning you massive promotion along with a package full of other prizes including interviews, radio play and most importantly a production credit featuring the critically acclaimed emcee’s emcee Joell Ortiz (1/4 of the invincible super group Slaughtahouse).

To participate, download the wav acapella of Critical Madness’ latest single “To The Top” available here & on our website and simply create your own remix. All submissions will be judged by originality, quality & how well your beat matches the theme & vibe of the track. By participating in the Contest, each entrant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these official rules and the decisions of which shall be final and binding in all respects. Please submit all mixed versions of your remix to the e-mail address listed below including your contact info & a brief bio.

Download: Critical Madness “To the Top” Acapella

Download: Critical Madness feat. Joell Ortiz “To the Top” MP3

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