Synopse featuring X:144 “More Fiya” video

New video from Doxsides own Synopse feauring X:144 titled “More Fiya”.

About Synopse: It wasn’t long before he realized rhymes without a beat were missing a needed element, and thus Synopse the producer was born. The passing years would see both skills honed and ready to be delivered to the masses. Although he can spit, he is quick to make known he is “not an Emcee”.

“Emcees live and breathe to spit rhymes, that’s not the situation with me. I just love making music, and it just so happens I use rhyme form to accomplish the task.”
However, producing is another case. He states, “making beats is like breathing to me.” Relocating to Orlando, Florida would only give birth to something bigger, the forming of the Paradox Unit.

Paradox is a cooperative of Emcees, DJ’s and producers whose sole purpose is to move the crowd. Group members include, TzariZM, Nemo aka IMAKEMADBEATS, J Freedome, Midaz The Beast, Rugged, Relz One, Intelx, Ponce, Phantom Shino, and Vis Major. The P-Dox Unit took the local Orlando hip-hop scene by storm, bringing raw and gritty, yet unique, sounds to the south. Songs such as ,”Spirit,” produced by Synopse, dominated underground radio, solidifying his production stripes. Now poised to make a formal attack on the industry, Synopse brings varied elements to the table to be consumed.

The single “More Fiya” is soon to be released digitally in April on Doxside Music / Domination Recordings!

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