Ollie Ox Grill “Sleezeville” Now available

Now Available from EatSleepBreed/Timeless Daimyo Music

Ox Grill “aka” Razormouth:

Born Ox Grill “aka” Razormouth on a cold day in September 1981…half moon summer solstice. Legend has it at the tender age of 9, ox grill flipped his wig hitchhiked to Pennsylvania and murdered an entire Amish village. When questioned by the local authorities and asked why he would do such a thing his only response was…..why not? Released a day later he was deported to Europe where he was trained by the secret service and the high priest of big brother to be an assassin. He learned how to disassemble guns, throw ninja stars all while riding on the back of an ostrich. Not being able to master any of these skills he was defeated by many rivals, until one day he realized that its not the size of your boat but the motion in the ocean. Sleezeville was released a year later brainwashing at least 16 or 25 people….so, know that wherever justice fails, or there’s graffiti on tombstones or where you can afford beer but might not be able to buy diapers….Ox grill maybe somewhere near…or not!!!

Free Download: Razor Mouth (produced by Distruck)

“Sleezeville” features production from Dr Becket, ST/MiC, Coppy Chop-e, Distruck, Savage Mynd, Teflon and more.

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