DMV to Carolina artist Shatiff releases “ACG” (prod. by JUDAH)

DMV to Carolina artist Shatiff releases “ACG” (prod. by JUDAH)

Click here to watch “ACG” from Shatiff’s upcoming album, All In: The Vow.

(Washington, DC) — It’s here. After months of setting the bar and letting folks know about the work coming from AuthentiCore, Shatiff releases the full video to his single “ACG.” Produced by JUDAH, well-known for his compilation of The Amber Rose Instrumentals, the record ties in Shatiff’s declaration to represent hip-hop beyond the streets with the vow to present fully the all-terrain perspective of an artist coming from two environments of the opposite extreme: Washington, DC and Clinton, SC.

Video shot by First Impressions Studio.

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