DJ Boney B & Big TReaL “The Age of Joe Grizzly” Vol. 2

So you thought we was playing huh? You really didnt believe we was coming wit it so fast? Well here it is!! DJ BONEY B AND BIG TREAL PRESENT: THE AGE OF JOE GRIZZLY VOL 2!!! With the smash street single, “Stack G’z” feat Big Jillz, and “100 lbs of Pain” feat RoyalTee, Grizzly is making it clear that he is here to stay!! DEFEND GOD CITY!! Guest Appearances by: Big Remo, Kil Rip, Big Jillz, Jimmy Bass, RoyalTee, Cappy J, Lil Pook, and Bluz!!! Production by: Khyrsis, Mikal Evanz, Chinky P, Fat Lester Baracus, DJ Semaj, Eric G, and Maddson.

Free Download: The Age of Joe Grizzly Vol. 2

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