Likwuid Cordially Invites You For Gummy Bears & Champagne


She Flows Like Likwuid!

Gummy Bears & Champagne Features Production From 2 Hungry Bros

“After 20 years in the music business and hearing different generations of female emcees, Likwuid has the blueprint for the ladies who are trying to make it in the music business. I’m sure the imitators will try to copy her style.”
-Jimmy Rosemond, Czar Entertainment

“The First time I saw Likwuid perform she held the stage and my attention. From the funky fly afro to the sharp flow. She breathes life into tracks with a clever deliver and an equally clever mind-state.”
-Steve Raze,

“Her name says it all; Likwuid Stylez. Her flow is smooth like water. She’s as talented as any female artist, and lyrically, she can hang with any rapper in the game, period. Likwuid Stylez is the embodiment of true hip-hop.”
-Randy Roper, Ozone Magazine

While there is one particular female garnishing the majority of the headlines, there are still a few multi-talented upstart female emcees that are beginning to make a mark in the industry and doing it the old-fashioned way—making dope music. One such female emcee, Likwuid, (she is included in Starr Rhett’s “10 Female Rappers Who Aren’t Nicki Minaj” breakdown on AOL’s Black Voices) has made a commitment to use her gift of song and supreme lyricism, to change the negative portrayal of women in the entertainment industry.

Now residing in Harlem, but born and raised in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina, Likwuid has always been a member of positive change in her community. In addition to being a diverse and multi-talented artist, Likwuid is a former Division 1 athlete (College of Charleston) and went to grad school at St. Johns University. In addition to her musical endeavors, she also spends her Saturday’s teaching Hip-Hop writing techniques to high school visual artists students at the Cooper Union Saturday Arts Program. She has also conducted seminars at BAM and various Youth Conferences and High Schools. Likwuid’s social activism doesn’t stop there, as her team recently put on a benefit for Haiti and she was included in the nationally released book entitled “Girldrive” which advocates for the rebirth of feminism.

Upon moving to New York City, Likwuid immediately immersed herself into NYC’s independent music hip hop scene. She holds the distinction of becoming the 2nd woman to win NYC’s legendary EOW Emcee Challenge, was featured on as one of the most talented upcoming female emcee and her notoriety as a Jump-Off TV Battle Winner propelled her career to the next level in the underground NYC hip-hop circuit, then to nationwide buzz, then to international stages and she was even cast in a small role in the blockbuster feature-film, American Gangster (2008), all of which have aided in cementing her as an artist on the rise (regardless of gender).

Likwuid’s debut LP, Gummy Bears and Champagne, will be released on June 26th, 2010 and the buzz for the project has been hastened by two leaks “Go L” (What Recession), “Camel Toe” and her guest appearance on ”Synchronized Rhyming” (where she joined Ciph Diggy and Homeboy Sandman) that have made an immediate impact and highlighted by esteemed outlets such as,,, etc.

Aside from the excitement of finalizing her debut project, Likwuid is equally excited about the working relationship she has fostered with the production duo, 2 Hungry Bros., who initially were only supposed to contribute a few tracks for Gummy Bears & Champagne, but those plans changed once they were in the studio and has blossomed into them spearheading her musical direction “If I had to pick a difficult, opinionated, tyrannical diva to work with then Likwuid would be my first candidate to run AGAINST that person. I was happy to first hear her rhyme on Ciph Diggy’s “Synchronized Rhyming” with Homeboy Sandman. After that, I had to make her mine! As my artist that is. The 2 Hungry Bros haven’t found such a distinct and ideal match to our beats since the AOK COLLECTIVE and then came Likwuid” offers Deep of 2 Hungry Bros.

Likwuid will be throwing a release day party for Gummy Bears and Champagne on June 26th at Wealthy Hostage in Brooklyn.

Tracklisting and credits for Likwuid’s Gummy Bears & Champagne LP:

1.) Gummy Bears & Champagne f/Coole High & Kodi Me’ Chele (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
2.) Go L (What Recession) (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
3.) Soul Rebel (produced by Jess James)
4.) Camel Toe (produced by Ced Young)
5.) Who’s Down? (produced by Ced Young
6.) My Life f/Rocki Evans & Bad Sport (produced by Raydar Ellis)
7.) Carolina (produced by Midi Marc)
8.) I Cry f/Wyze Mindz & Be@st (produced by Rodrick Washington)
9.) Snap Shot f/Peace (produced by Peace)
10.) Psycho (produced by Disco XP)
11.) All I$ Fare (produced by Carlton)
12.) Goddess Loveà Eternity (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
13.) A Toast f/Coole High (produced by Coole High)
14.) Lyrically Andrageneous (bonus track)
15.) Exhibit L (bonus track)

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