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VIDEO: Fred the Godson Pays Homage to Big Pun in 'Get'em Fred' Video (Behind the Scenes

VIDEO: Fred the Godson Pays Homage to Big Pun in ‘Get’em Fred’ Video (Behind the Scenes

The South Bronx’s new lyrical beast, Fred the Godson, pays homage to the legendary Big Pun in his new video for “Get’em Fred”!

VIDEO: Fred the Godson Pays Homage to Big Pun in ‘Get’em Fred’ Video (Behind the Scenes)

Go behind the scenes with Fred the Godson as he gets the club jumping and salutes Big Pun in front of the Big Pun Memorial Wall with his son & wife, Baby Pun and Liza Rios!

VIDEO: Fred the Godson – Behind the Scenes of “Get’em Fred”

**contains explicit language and behavior**

About Fred the Godson

Hip Hop is alive and well. For those of you who are skeptical meet South Bronx native, ‘Fred the Godson.’ Known for his cunning rhymes and smooth flow Fred has New York City Hip Hop enthusiasts believing again. Hailed as “The Next Great One,” he is impervious in his restoration of the genre where it emerged decades ago.

Born Fredrick Thomas into a household rich in music, R&B and Rap won his alliance at an early age. His father, who worked as security at the Tunnel, one of New York City’s most prominent Hip Hop clubs, frequently brought the hottest records home before they hit the air-waves, a cherished treasure among a household of seven children. Fred had fallen in love at the age of eight and would, despite being diagnosed with asthma, begin his ascent to achieving his dream of becoming a rapper.

Already known throughout Monroe High School for his quick wit, Fred began free-styling in the late 90’s turning his tongue into a lyrical gem. His delivery, seemingly effortless, and considering his severe asthma condition it was everything but. Years of maturation, over-coming personal hardships and tragedies so common to those who inhibit the ruthless streets of the South Bronx, Fred emerged as an exceptional lyricist. His astute talent for creating metaphors that register to listener’s hours later, is perhaps his most distinctive gift; a gift that won him “Best Male Rapper” at the 2007 Underground Music Awards and editorial in industry magazines such as Juice and XXL.

Attaining a devoted fan base with hugely successful mixtapes They Call Me Flow and American Gangster, and his most recent single “Get ‘em Fred,” currently flooding radio, Fred’s putting Hip Hop on notice, “The Bronx is back!” He’s gained the respect of music industries’ toughest critics and greatest tastemakers, New York’s DJs. DJ Enuff, Suss One, Self and Envy are just a few that are coining Fred the Godson as “Hip Hop’s Messiah.”

Still working with long time contributors TBM/Blockwork but under new management, Fred has returned to the studio. Now guided by famed music execs Shawn Prez (BadBoy Entertainment) and Jer-z (Interscope Records/TakeOver Entertainment), Fred the Godson forges ahead working on his first mainstream debut with his lead street single “Get ‘em Fred” already gaining momentum and “Flawless Victory” set to drop. In an industry flooded with artists claiming to bring rap back to its “Golden Era,’ Fred stands alone, capable with a myriad of talent and rhyming versatility.

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