MICHAEL FRANTI SPREADS A LITTLE ‘SUNSHINE’ New Singles “Shake It” and “The Sound of Sunshine” Released

MICHAEL FRANTI SPREADS A LITTLE ‘SUNSHINE’ New Singles “Shake It” and “The Sound of Sunshine” Released

Michael Franti will help usher in the summer sun a little early this year with the simultaneous release of two singles from his forthcoming new CD, The Sound of Sunshine, slated for release later this summer. Released to radio on May 20th, the single, “Shake It”, hit the Top 40 and Hot AC radio formats, while the single and title track, “The Sound of Sunshine,” went to AAA and is already the #2 most added. “Shake It” will be released digitally on May 25th with “The Sound of Sunshine” following two weeks later on June 8th.

“Shake It,” features guest vocals by Lady Saw, and an undeniably happy groove that makes the song an instant party starter. However, it also has a deeper message about finding beauty in imperfection as Franti sings, “It’s not about the way that you look. It’s about the way that you shook.”

In addition, “The Sound of Sunshine”, is a breezy sing-a-long with its catchy melody and handclapping beat. The song serves to inspire hope during the rough and rainy times for so many in our world. Franti says, “’The Sound of Sunshine’ is about wanting to bottle that experience of waking up in the morning, pulling the blinds and seeing that there’s a sunny day in front of us.”

Michael Franti is the creator and lead singer of Michael Franti & Spearhead. For over two decades, The Bay Area born Franti has been bringing our world exceptionally powerful, deeply felt music. Franti first formed the punk band The Beatnigs while studying at the University of San Francisco, and later the far more hip hop-inflected The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. In the mid-Nineties, Franti created Spearhead, and increasingly in recent years, he’s found his own voice musically and his own organic brand of popular success. Franti’s impressive series of recordings have vividly reflected his status as a musical citizen of the world.

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