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BP Your Heart is Black! New York artists release protest video “Top Kill”

BP Your Heart is Black! New York artists release protest video “Top Kill”

The song “Top Kill” and the accompanying protest video against British Petroleum is a project by New York City musicians and film-makers. It is dedicated to humanity’s endless struggle to overcome mass insanity, and to the global community victimized by the greatest act of theft in recorded history.

Planned as a performance art piece by New York’s blues-rock band Electric Black, the Flash Protest at the BP station on Houston and Lafayette on May 28th turned out to be the largest of its kind. Earlier that week the band, joining forces with activist group CodePink, took the streets with 7000 flyers. With no time to procure a protest permit, a few mobilized many.

“We organized this protest with the intention of creating a multimedia performance piece aimed to fan the fires of outrage against BP, TransOcean, and Halliburton, and so spread consciousness about this abomination,” says organizer and lead singer of Electric Black Johnny B. With the support of accomplished film-makers and artists such as Shoja Azari, Nariman Hamid, and Tommy Mokas, a powerful protest video was turned around in 48 hours.

The works vent our frustration and encourages others to do so as well. Though the feeling amongst most people seems to be of a helpless paralysis, such attitudes are counterproductive in the effort to punish the companies responsible, and attempt to prevent future acts of catastrophic negligence.

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