Rhymefest “Breakdown” (El Che Bonus Track) – Rhymefest 3D video

Promises to Change Rap Music Videos Forever

CHICAGO – In the days leading up to El Che’s June 8 release, Rhymefest continues to build anticipation for the highly anticipated LP with the announcement of Hip Hop’s first three-dimensional music video. The video, produced by veteran videographer Konee Rok, features Rhymefest and Little Brother’s Phonte for El Che’s first official single, “Say Wassup.” The first in a series of graphically groundbreaking videos, “Say Wassup” is predicted to change rap videos in the same light that Avatar changed motion pictures.

Following “Say Wassup,” fans can expect to see a video for every song on El Che. With the comic book themed “Chicago,” and the Merry Melodies inspired “Give It To Me” already buzzing online, Rhymefest promises to deliver more visual gems with “Prosperity,” “City is Falling,” and “Talk My S**t” hitting the net soon. According to Rhymefest, “because my fans have been so patient with El Che, I want to give them things they’ve never seen or heard before. That’s what makes El Che revolutionary on multiple levels.”

In addition to the world class visuals that will accompany El Che, Rhymefest’s label, dN|Be Entertainment, also recently announced that a limited quantity of red cassettes will be released for the album. Dubbed the “Red Tape,” the cassette will feature all 16 tracks from Rhymefest’s long awaited sophomore effort. As well, a transparent, prison-safe cassette will also be released for El Che. The clear cassettes will feature no screws and are approved for usage by inmates in most prisons.

With El Che already receiving an XL review from XXL and an 8/10 from Spin Magazine, the momentum for the project continues to build as Rhymefest releases goodies like the collector’s edition “Red Tape” and the 3D video for “Say Wassup.” Rhymefest vows to drop more El Che exclusives on the interactive website ElCheTheMovement.com.

New iTunes bonus track from Rhymefest’s forthcoming “El Che” LP which drops on 6-8-2010

DL Link to Rhymefest “Breakdown

This track can only be found exclusively on the iTunes and elchethemovement.com version’s of the album where you can pre-order now.

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