Introducing Danish Grammy Award Winner For “Best Female Vocalist”

Introducing Danish Grammy Award Winner For “Best Female Vocalist”

KIRA Announces US Tour Dates This July

US Debut “Run Where No One Goes” June 21 on SIN/SonyMusic Independent Network
Selected US dates this July

July 20 New York Fontana’s

July 21 Brooklyn Public Assembly

July 24 Portland The Whiskey Bar

July 27 Seattle Sunset Tavern

July 18 Silverlake Silverlake Lounge

The Media has compared her to the likes of Tina Turner, PJ Harvey and Janis Joplin, “The amazing thing about Kira is that, unlike so many current acts, she lives up to these comparisons”. –The Independent

There’s no time like the present for Danish artist Kira to debut in the US.

Kira is an artist who has played more than 400 shows to great critical acclaim in Denmark as well as abroad which earned her quotes such as “An overwhelming experience in the lands of torn up blues and salty rock’n’roll, for all open wounds and naked vulnerability, that you wish to protect the band and yourself from all thinkable wrongs. You also wish to proclaim, that it must be insanity to place a band that would make The White Stripes pale and The Kills see a shrink on such an insignificant stage. ” Erik Jensen, Politikens review of a concert at Midtfyns festival, summer 2003. ……”
She received her first Grammy In Denmark for “Best Female Vocalist”, as well as receiving an award “For Best Female Vocalist” from Denmark’s largest music-magazine Gaffa, voted by their readers .

She was discovered by the legendary producer and musician Tricky during a performance at Tony Wilson’s infamous “In the City” in Manchester who signed her to his UK based label Brown Punk and stared in his directorial debut, a mocumentary of the making of the label with the track “Skating Your Pool” and joined his world tour in the summer of 2008.

View “The Gospel ft. Kira – Skating your Pool”

The Gospel featuring Kira – Skating Your Pool video

A little bit of background…

““Run Where No One Goes” her US debut features “Riders of the The Freeway” which recently earned her an award from the Danish film academy, for “Best original song” from the film “Terribly Happy”.

The song was written on a road-trip through California and it has a cruising feel and a wide layered musical landscape. It conjures up associations to Bonnie and Clyde and a good old fashioned Road Romance.

Dowload Riders of the Freeway.mp3
Listen here

Another stand out tune, “Save Me” was written years ago, during a rough patch in Kira’s life. “The recording was done in a kitchen in Copenhagen and the intensity of it made me never want to re-record it in a proper studio. It was a moment.” Claims Kira.

The bonus track on this 7 song EP, is “Losing You” Kira’s signature tune and her biggest Radio hit in Denmark. It was taken off the album “This is not an Exit” which has sold Gold and is heading for platinum in Denmark. While this song wows the Danish expats, it’s her voodoo-like rendition of “Make a Man” that sticks in the mind. “It’s on a par with Tina Turner’s Acid Queen in Tommy. The amazing thing about Kira is that, unlike so many current acts, she lives up to these comparisons. “ The Independent boasts.

Kira is currently working on a follow up album which will be produced by John Parish. Sigur Ros’s studio in Iceland. (PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman, Eels etc.). Recording will start at the end of June.

“Run Where No One Goes” will be the first release on US soil and Kira plans to visit and tour the states as much as possible during the next 9 months to promote the release with her band the Ghost Riders. Kira will be playing selected dates in the US this July.

Her Live band consists of:
Oliver Hoiness/Guitar/Keys
Silas Tinglef/Drums/Guitar
Nicolai Munch-Hansen/Bass

Press Accolades
* * * (4/6) “Changing arrangements, excellent band work and more facets to Kira Skov’s singing makes for a playful cool and clear style.” MetroXpress (nationwide newspaper)

* * * (4/6) a rock-symphonic production with view to the wide open spaces.” Jyllands Posten (nationwide newspaper)

* * * * (4/6) “Competent Kira. Kira Skov possesses both charisma and strong vocal chords as well as an extraordinary tight playing band.” Ekstra Bladet (nationwide newspaper)

* * * * (4/6) “a devil-may-care attitude as seldom seen on the Danish rock scene.” Soundvenue (music magazine)

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