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Omniscient and the Locos Headline for GrassRoots Festival

Omniscient and the Locos Headline for GrassRoots Festival

Omniscient, member of Locos Por Juana delivers his new solo release “Like Them” on I-Tunes prior to performing with his band members at this years GrassRoots Festival in Trumansburg , NY.

Omniscient and his band members of Locos Por Juana are scheduled to perform at the 20th Annual GrassRoots Festival in Trumansburg, NY on July 24th and 25th to a crowd of over 10,000 music fans. Locos Por Juana’s success has lead them to various achievements, including Grammy nominations. Now band member, Omniscient, continues the legacy with his own solo album Social Work due in October on SoFlo Entertainment. His label has released the first single “Like Them”, available now on all digital outlets, which also includes a straightforward music video, proving he wont follow the trends. This single is also receiving early radio play on WRUV, KSMT, WXCI, KRBX, KHDC, WPKN/WPKM, CFRO and more.

“I feel honored and motivated to play amongst peers of such caliber and of course my fam- Locos Por Juana”– Omniscient, Locos Por Juana

Omniscient’s upcoming album, Social Work will feature artists and bands such as M1 of Dead Prez, Locos Por Juana, Elastic Bond, AKIR, Pugs Atomz, Skam2?, Yeyo of The Dey and more. Production on the album will include tracks by Miami Beat Wave, as well as other upcoming and prominent producers. Expect this release later this fall worldwide on SoFlo Entertainment/ De La Casa Studios.

Music Video- “Like Them”

About Omniscient

Omniscient is a power, driven deeper then passion. He is the will needed to survive any battle faced upon a human in our lifetime. This emcee/producer has not only managed to survive the constant struggles faced on our streets and through world politics, but also a cancer that almost took his life just one year ago. Omniscient has toured across the US and Europe with words of inspiration well before that time, and is now back in the light with his health and knowledge to face any crowd to come forth. Very hard is it to find such a conscious emcee who spits lyrics that ride and bounce to most any beat change-up heard on the radio. It also doesn’t hurt that he can also perform these feats in Spanish as well. The firm stare in his eyes when he speaks is all that is needed, to know that he IS the future emcee.

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