The ILLZ – Turpentine Weed video

The ILLZ – Turpentine Weed video

On August 17, 2010 ILLZ along with Hot Mop Films and Kristopher Rey-Talley will be releasing a unique project entitled the “In Between Video Series” The project will feature new songs from The ILLZ, which will all be released visually in the next upcoming weeks. The main goal of this project is to prove that simplicity truly is the highest form of sophistication. The project features production from ILL tal, Cito on the beat, with Hot Mop Films and Kristopher Rey-Talley providing the visuals for the songs. This project is unique in many ways. Firstly, every song will be released by the release date of August 17th by way of video without the download option. Then on the date of release every song and video will be digitally packaged and made available for download via and online blogs/sites. Secondly, almost every song in this project consists of one verse with no chorus, with the exception of the first release “Dreams of Life & Beth”. Lastly, the videos were met with the same approach. Minimal editing and shots. It was the collective effort and goal of The ILLZ, Kristopher Rey-Talley, and Hot Mop Films to create moving visuals for the songs on this project that embodied the same minimalist approach. This project will provide a series of videos that will lead up to the forthcoming video releases from The ILLZ critically acclaimed solo project “The Pursuit LP”.

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