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T. Mills Premieres “Stupid Boy” Video, Gives It Away On Twitter, Chats Live With Fans On Facebook

T. Mills Premieres “Stupid Boy” Video, Gives It Away On Twitter, Chats Live With Fans On Facebook

True to his self-coined “hip-pop” genre (playful, catchy songs that merge punk sensibilities with bling bling flashiness), Orange County up and comer T. Mills today revealed his brand new party-filled video for single “Stupid Boy” on Myspace. The video depicts the exact type of scene in which one might expect to find a guy like T. Mills rocking the party, complete with hot girls, booze, and all of the other things that suburban parents fear. He’s also giving the clip away via direct messages from his Twitter account ( to any fan who tweets #tmills.

Watch T. Mills’ “Stupid Boy” video on Myspace:

Today at 2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST), T. Mills will chat live with fans on his Facebook page. The video chat is presented by live streaming social network Stickam.

Chat Live with T. Mills today at 5pm EST, 2pm PST:

T. Mills’ upcoming debut LP Ready, Fire, Aim… is due September 28th from Southern California’s Uprising Records (Fall Out Boy, Broadway).

About T. Mills:
A self-proclaimed internet addict, Mills has used that medium to connect with fans and win over audiences across the web, helping him move from a strong online fanbase to a rabid live one. Among his well-received live sojourns was as a featured performer on the Baby Cakes stage for the entire 2009 Warped Tour. For live performances, Mills utilizes a drummer to recreate the backbeats of his songs and a crew of friends. Speaking on the Warped experience Mills relates, “Warped Tour was great! It gave kids a chance to see that I was doing something other than MySpace and that I was serious about this. The last show in LA was particularly insane, I ended up signing a ton of boobs, butts and other things.” Mills also appeared on both dates of 2010’s Bamboozle festivals in New Jersey and Anaheim, CA (he also wrote the official theme song for this year’s event promotions).

Hard to believe, but up until a couple of years ago T Mills (born Travis Mills) was a bedroom pop practicioneer, working with the programs Pro-tools, Logic and Reason and writing rhymes. “I tried to create my own style inspired by things around me, the conversations and experiences I had with ex girlfriends, old and new friends and just my life.” When he debuted the material, the local scene around him took notice immediately. One of these key early champions was old friend, Josh White, who had went on to discover such hardcore acts as Stick To Your Guns and Emmure and was now head of A&R for Uprising Records. Working with White, Mills began to hone his electro-slash-rock sound and within months was signed to Uprising. A five-song digital EP called The Finders Keepers EP, which included the now anthems “Rich Girls” and “Girls Gone Wild,” was released to coincide with the Warped Tour dates. That initial EP was given physical CD treatment this past April, where it appeared exclusively for sale in Hot Topic Stores.

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