The HoodStarz Prep for Controversy with David Banner on “Laughin” New Album October 5 with Gucci Mane, E-40, Red Cafe, Messy Marv & More!

The HoodStarz Prep for Controversy with David Banner on “Laughin” New Album October 5 with Gucci Mane, E-40, Red Cafe, Messy Marv & More!

The trials and tribulations of growing up in tough neighborhoods have been expressed time and time again by artists through dark stories in their music, while some artists escape the seriousness of their daily lives through abstract, poetic or even comedic lyrics.

Through a series of personal and business interactions, Bay Area natives Band-Aide and Scoot Dogg came together for their 2005 debut as The HoodStarz with the ability to mesh street credible songwriting with witty, fun-laden lyrics.

Now in 2010, The HoodStarz (also known as Dem HoodStarz) are more focused than ever, with their current David Banner-produced single “Laughin” gaining momentum with fans. Banner recently added some lyrics to the track, and an official video is slated for release in September. As the duo nears the October 5 release date for their Controversy album on Lawless Records, they are putting the finishing touches on four more videos as well.

The Controversy project pulls together experiences that Band-Aide and Scoot have been through since their popular 2007 Bay Area All-Starz mixtape dropped… and a lot can happen in just three years!

“What we’ve been through, good and bad, has forced us to mature substantially,” explains Scoot. “We know that we have grown a great deal, and fans will hear this in the subject matter and lyrics throughout this album.”

In addition to critically acclaimed producer/rapper David Banner, guest appearances on Controversy include Gucci Mane, Red Cafe, E-40, Glasses Malone, Messy Marv, Selau and Big Rich.

“This is no regular street album,” Band-Aide asserts. “We really went into this project like a full-scale studio album – real songs, real features, real music. Controversy is something fans will be listening to years from now as a part of their favorite collection.”

Controversy Tracklist

01. They Ain’t Know
02. Always Yappin’ ft. Messy Marv
03. I’m Cool
04. Focus On The Money
05. Hold Me Down ft. Selau
06. Laughin’ ft. David Banner
07. It’s So Real
08. Put The Hood On ft. Young Lott
09. Message
10. Come With Me
11. Officer Please ft. Silk-E
12. It Got Me
13. Ballin’ ft. Red Cafe & Glasses Malone
14. Got A Problem ft. Gucci Mane & E-40
15. One Day ft. Big Rich & Selau
16. Live Illegal ft. Husalah
17. That’s What I Am ft. G-Boyee


First there was Digital Undergound, MC Hammer and Tupac; then E-40and Too$hort. Now the Bay Area brings us the hottest new artists from the region in the dynamic duo The HoodStarz! Members Band-Aide and Scoot Dogg, both from Northern California, anxiously prepare for the release of their newest effort Controversy, slated for release on October 5, 2010 via their own Lawless Records.

The HoodStarz new single “Laughin” features and is produced by multi-platinum artist David Banner, and there are already five videos filmed from the album. With a synonymous history of life changing events, illegal rumors, extravagant public ordeals and an all-star bay of even more reputable features including Gucci Mane, Red Cafe, E-40, Glasses Malone, Messy Marv, Selau, Big Rich certifies the album title Controversy to fit The HoodStarz like a glove.

Known for their party-popping high energy songs throughout the western region, The HoodStarz (aka Dem HoodStarz) have decided to expand their bandwidth and share their feel good music worldwide. In 2005, the group released their debut Hood Reality. From that album, they released a song called “Grown Man” produced by Traxamillion that became an overnight hit in the streets and a smash hit on local radio stations, including world-renowned KMEL.

As the awareness of the group began to swiftly increase, the demand for show performances paralleled. Promoters throughout the west coast began to notice the elevated and charismatic performance style of The HoodStarz. In 2006 the duo released Band-Aide & Scoot, and for the very first time in their career they proved to be easily recognizable.

Between the radio airplay, sold-out shows and consistent album sales, the group was encouraged to keep producing more music. “Scoot and I were both in two different groups when we first began, but once we met in high school and found it second nature to complete each others rhymes, we knew then we were on to something… and the people could feel it too,” says Band-Aide aka SolidSolid.

Just a year later in 2007, the two released a mixtape Bay Area All-Starz, providing yet another success story to their growing discography. The mixtape reaffirmed their rap chemistry, as they captured larger audiences with their comedic ability to seize listeners while acquiring an entirely new fan base.

“As artists we’re avid entertainers that love the stage, but a lot of people don’t know we’re also actors – we had a few small movie rolls in addition to our self-directed music videos,” explains Scoot Dogg aka Blakk Boi.

Just this year The HoodStarz released yet another mixtape under popularDJ Fresh’s series Tonight Show, but it is the anticipated date of October 5, 2010 that will morph and merge past and present, and align new fans with the release of Controversy.

“This is an album that fans will be still be listening to five years from now,” explains Band-Aide. “In this world of reality TV we live in, Scoot and I decided to provide fans a musical reality show with non-scripted adventures of disappointing times and celebrated hours in our daily life.

The HoodStarz are ready and set to turn another corner inside of the music industry as they present their latest musical, vivid, verbal picture of what they pronounce as “Controversy.”

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