DJ Hullewud & present: The Break North Mixtape

DJ HULLEWUD & MVREMIX.COM present: The Break North Mixtape

DJ Hullewud is based out of London, Ontario and can be heard on ‘SAUSAGE GUT RADIO’ which airs every Saturday night from 10pm to 12 Midnight on CHRW 94.9 fm.

Download the mix

DJ HULLEWUD and MVREMIX.COM present The Break North Mixtape

Track listing:

1. Shad – Yaa I Get It (Oddisee Remix)
2. Alex Dimez (Feat. King Jus) – Green
3. More Or Les – Ain’t Goin’ Out
4. Mullet & Steps (Feat. Timbuktu & Chokeules) – How We Do
5. Maddub – Bills Work Sleep
6. Tre Leji – I’m Gon’ Roll
7. Modulok – Timewalker
8. Moore & Exit Only – Cry Wolf
9. The Extremities (Feat. KitKnows & Smashbrovaz) – Right Now
10. Ghettosocks – Guillotine
11. Recordface (Feat. Chokeules) – Double Knot
12. Wise Boyz Noize – Walk It Off (Fresh Kils Remix)
13. Timbuktu – The New Science
14. Lionize Prime – Maple Leaf Rap Kid
15. Waffle – Soundcheck
16. The Extremities (Feat. Lushlife, Ghettosocks & Ambition) – Dial Tones
17. OK Cobra (Feat. More Or Les, Wordburglar, Chokeules & Jesse Dangerously) – I Quit (Backburner Remix)
18. Ant Grant – Mirror Mirror

Download the mix tape

8 replies on “DJ Hullewud & present: The Break North Mixtape”

I will post another link here in the next day or so including a compressed file allowing you to download with all the tracks seperated.

Also…just to clear one thing up. Sausage Gut Radio is actually Unkle Ando and Mat Labatt. I make the odd appearance from time to time. You should definitely check it out…nothing but dope hip hop….straight up….every Saturday.

Its great to hear all the talented artists no matter what the genre of music. Really like Shad, Aled Dimez and Ghettosocks.

not crazy about the mixing but the song selection is different than most dl. the green joint is ill.

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