DJ Revolution Presents:Malcolm and Martin First Leak From Movement Music Mixtape

As an internationally respected DJ and producer, Revolution’s skills have privileged the tracks of many Hip-Hop luminaries. Those skills were optimally displayed on his three critically-acclaimed solo and collaborative projects with King Tech and MTV’s Sway, including R2K, King of The Decks, and In 12s We Trust. As one of the renowned spin doctors hosting, producing and editing the longest-running internationally syndicated commercial hip hop show, “The Wake Up Show” with Tech and Sway, Revolution has also gained the esteem of fans from around the globe. Through more than two decades of success as a DJ, producer, and TV and film scorer for networks like MTV and films like Jet Li’s Black Mask, DJ Revolution never forgot those early years and the promise of Hip-Hop.

DJ Revolution Presents Malcolm and Martin. Together, DJ Revolution, Styliztik Jones (hailing from LA, CA), and KB Imean (hailing from Queens, NY) represent one of the first genuine new rap groups to emerge in a generation. Not just another disparate crew, but a true collective of teachers and learners working to lead a people, a movement. These are men who aren’t afraid to party with a purpose.

Next week, DJ Revolution will present Malcolm & Martin’s debut mixtape, Movement Music, and it illustrates a return to fun, funk, and politics in hip hop, a return to men beyond caricatures and rap beyond destruction. Fueled on an unquenchable desire to be a part of music that inspires and sets the party ablaze, the Renaissance men infused their painstakingly arranged introduction with their collective love of art, love, lust, justice, friendship, revolutionary teachings and an unyielding respect for the untold story. Those who shared the group’s unvarnished vision of a new state in hip hop lent their voices and sounds, including slam poet Saul Williams and Bambu from Native Gunz. Encouraged by the iconic men who fought for the everyman during a different time using different tools, the trio reverentially took on the moniker Malcolm & Martin as a siren call announcing new leaders armed with new tools to fight for modern-day liberation.

Malcolm & Martin’s first full-length commercial release, DJ Revolution Presents Malcolm and Martin “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me”, will be released on 2-1-2011 on SoulSpazm Records.

DL Link to Malcolm and Martin’s “Pigs Is Over” from Movement Music Mixtape

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