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ACID HOUSE KINGS Return After 6 Years with New SINGLE and Forthcoming ALBUM

ACID HOUSE KINGS Return After 6 Years with New SINGLE and Forthcoming ALBUM!

“Are We Lovers or Are We Friends?” was inspired by, among other things, the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest, Swedish singer Tommy Körberg, and flamenco percussionists. Most importantly, it sounds like the same band that AHK have always been.” // Pitchfork

“Are We Lovers or Are We Friends?” is currently #8 on the Hype Machine!

Yes, Acid House Kings are back. Finally! Almost six years since the release of the highly acclaimed album, Sing Along with Acid House Kings, Sweden’s #1 pop perfectionists are ready to release new material.

The first single “Are We Lovers or Are We Friends?” (mp3 below!) is a drive in the Swedish countryside with nothing planned and a feeling that anything can happen. The radio is playing lush and heavily orchestrated 70s soul with huge arrangements and a distinct sentimentality. It’s a blistering pop explosion inspired by the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest, Tommy Körberg and flamenco percussionists with a chorus that will stay with you.

Stemming from huge elitist’s pop record collections and a slightly embarrassed admiration of ABBA, Stock Aitken Waterman and Swedish “dansband”, Acid House Kings have continued their slow, but steady fine-tuning towards perfect pop music. And with half a decade of song writing the fans are in for something extraordinarily fabulous. “We’ve allowed ourselves to be extremely self-critical. Songs good enough for any of our other albums have been singled out repeatedly”, says Niklas Angergård.

Acid House Kings are brothers Johan and Niklas Angergård and Niklas’ sister-in-law Julia Lannerheim. “Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?” is taken from Acid House Kings’ forthcoming fifth album Music Sounds Better with You, out on Johan’s birthday, March 22nd, 2011. An album that during a short period was tentatively and logically named A Family Affair. According to the band, the new album is “sharper, catchier and livelier”, a “goodbye to genre obligations” and “it’s got castanets on every single song”.

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