D-Sisive – No More Words w/ If…

D-Sisive – No More Words w/ If…
Produced by: Muneshine
From the forthcoming release “Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye”

If Andre 3000 wrote his own press release, you’d…Naah. Too obvious. Unless you haven’t heard ‘If…’. Then not obvious at all. But once you hear it…so obvious. Fu*k it.

It’s 7:06 am. I’m sitting on my sofa, struggling to write a ‘proper’ press release for my new singles. I’m also monitoring my cat Willy’s recent detox from wet food. He’s sweating. Climbing the walls. It’s hard to be funny when your cat is calling you a ‘piece of sh*t.’

I tried to start with the city I’m from, followed by cheap adjectives. Toronto. Prolific. Alternative. White. Rapper.

Rappers always refer to their new songs as ‘Smash Hits’ even though nobody has heard them. Even though nobody will ever hear them.

“I’m taking over this year!” That’s a good one.

2 new singles, produced by Muneshine, off of my new album, also produced by Muneshine. My new album, which will be my last album released under the ‘D-Sisive’ monocle. Moniker.

Sorry if I confuse you with so much new music. It can be very confusing.

Sing me a swan song.

D-Sisive : Jonestown.2:Jimmy Go Bye Bye…Available for FREE download Sunday.November.28.2010.

ps. If you live close to Toronto, you should come to my show at the Horse Shoe on November.27.2010. It’s a funeral for my second album. Live band. Tuxedos. Should be fun!

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