Onyx are back, Onyx return on ULMG

Onyx joins Uncle Louie Music Group (ULMG)

If you call yourself a hip hop fan, you know Onyx. They told you to “Bacdafucup” on their Platinum selling LP and just when you thought it was safe to “Throw Ya Guns”, Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz are back to “Shut em Down” again! Louis Gregory, CEO of Uncle Louie Music Group (ULMG) and Uncle Louie Management recently signed Onyx; they join the likes of Eric B., The Fat Boys, Das Efx, JJ Fad, Kurtis Blow, Special Ed, Dana Dane and other big names who look to ULMG for the cutting edge advantage of today’s marketing tools in an industry that is constantly on the move. When asked about what sets his company apart from the rest, Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory simply says “my clients work.” And the proof is in the pudding, no pun intended, while The Fat Boys enjoy the success of their TV Show Unsung: The Fat Boys and Eric B was recently inducted into the LI Music Hall of Fame, artists like Special Ed, Dana Dane, Kurtis Blow and JJ Fad are actively performing. What’s more is, not only are these groups remaining active, but they are enjoying lucrative branding and endorsement packages, web development and merchandising deals. Not only does Onyx find themselves in the midst of other legends, but they are poised to enjoy similar merchandising deals already in place between ULMG and Urban Outfitter, Spencer’s Gifts, Hot Topic and Foot Locker. ULMG Vice President and legendary hip hop fixture Prince Markie Dee was heard on-air on 99 Jamz in WEDR in Miami discussing how excited he was to have Onyx join the ULMG camp. Markie has been on Miami radio for nearly a decade while enjoying tremendous success not only as a ULMG Executive, but as client.

In addition to legends of hip hop, ULMG also works alongside UFC and MMA Legend Frank Trigg and former Pro Wrestling Superstar and current TV and Movie Star Bill Goldberg. It’s safe to say that the new home of Onyx is long overdue and while Goldberg can spear and jackhammer his competition, nobody can “Slam” like Onyx!

J-Love, also a member of the Uncle Louie Team is the producer of the Nationally Syndicated Baka Boyz Mix Show which airs in over 100 cities. When asked about his feelings on Onyx joining the ULMG family, J-Love said “adding another iconic puzzle piece to the grand scheme of ULMG is amazing. Not to date myself but I grew up listening to all of these groups that I now have the opportunity to work with.”  So as the next chapter in the Onyx chronicles unfolds, Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz are on a twenty show tour in the Ukraine.

Louis Gregory feels that Onyx is a brand with international credibility and their image and energy will serve to land main stream endorsement deals. One thing is for sure, “Slam” is a universally recognized word!

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