Karmaloop Presents Clinton Sparks’ “Ambiguous” KarmaloopTV Exclusively Premieres New Music Video Featuring Clinton Sparks, Mike Posner & Big Sean

Karmaloop Presents Clinton Sparks’ “Ambiguous” KarmaloopTV Exclusively Premieres New Music Video Featuring Clinton Sparks, Mike Posner & Big Sean

WHO: Karmaloop presents a brand new music video by Clinton Sparks, Mike Posner & Big Sean.

WHAT: A New single featuring Clinton Sparks, Mike Posner & Big Sean titled “Ambiguous” is about to launch in video form on KarmaloopTV.com. Produced by Clinton Sparks & DJ Snake and most recently heard on Big Sean’s mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 3, the song has been buzzing all over the internet.

WHERE: The exclusive worldwide debut is scheduled for this Thursday, November 18th at 4pm only on Karmaloop.com.

WHY: Karmaloop & KarmaloopTV are the purveyors for exciting content on cultural icons, music and fashion for this Verge Culture generation.

About Karmaloop.com
Karmaloop.com is a multi-platformed web retailer specializing in global streetwear fashion. The Karmaloop family of sites includes online retailer Karmaloop, Internet TV station KarmaloopTV and social networking endeavor Junglelife. Since its creation in 2000 by streetwear enthusiast Greg Selkoe, the site has evolved from a one-man-show into the largest and most successful streetwear retailer online. Karmaloop receives 4 million monthly unique visitors comprised primarily of the highly sought after young influencer demographic, made up of male and female alpha-consumers and key influencers within the age range of 14-35. In November 2007, Karmaloop launched KarmaloopTV, the first online channel catering to streetwear/Verge culture. In a short time KarmaloopTV has become a wildly popular destination to view Karmaloop created content on many facets of cutting edge youth culture. Karmaloop is a community of style who provides a daily, interactive dose of the people and movements fueling and shaping street culture.

About Clinton Sparks
Boston’s own Clinton Sparks has always set himself apart from the rest of the field of DJ’s & producers. His drive to succeed, coupled with his creative marketing & sales ideas, have helped him emerge from a cluttered field of DJs as one of the most exciting figures in the music game. Clinton Sparks has traveled the world playing in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, England, France, Mexico, Dubai, Canada, etc. and parties for such luminaries as Tom Ford and P-Diddy. Starting in 1998 with an unbranded 10-city nationally syndicated mixshow through Super Radio, Clinton has taken that notoriety & ballooned it into his own personality branded #1 rated syndicated mix show called “SmashTime Radio” in top US markets & worldwide in Canada, Europe and Australia and on Sirius Satellite Radio. He is currently the music correspondent for E! News. Clinton Sparks is now stretching his talents into the artist arena. He recently signed a record deal with Interscope Records as an artist (album dropping 2011) while his debut single “Favorite DJ” has been featured on an episode of Entourage as well as in Activision’s DJ Hero 2 video game.

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