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Egyptrixx readies debut artist CD “Bible Eyes” Listen: XLR8R premiere’s Egyptrixx track “Chrysalis Records (feat Trust)”

Egyptrixx readies debut artist CD “Bible Eyes” Listen: XLR8R premiere’s Egyptrixx track “Chrysalis Records (feat Trust)”

Watch: URB premiere’s Egyptrixx video for “Start From The Beginning”



February 9, 2011

Label: Night Slugs

While it might sound a bit premature and boastful, we’re confident that Egyptrixx’ debut CD Bible Eyes will end up amongst the top electronic music releases of 2011. Those in the underground are already familiar with Egyptrixx through the praise garnered from heavyweight DJ’s, including Sinden, Mary Ann Hobbs and Drop the Lime and influential publications such as The Fader, Xlr8r and The Wire magazine. Recorded over three months during the summer of 2010, Bible Eyes is a complete work that manages to bring different sounds and styles together in a seamless manner. It could very well be the Music Has The Right To Children or Untrue of 2011.

The work of classically trained pianist and Toronto native, David Psutka, Bible Eyes is celestial club music; jeep music for a Saturn desert. There is an exhilarating right-but-wrong tension that all of Egyptrixx’ tracks share – a shifting balance between melodic and dissonant, rapturous and antisocial. His releases challenge the status quo and impress with a unique style informed by elements of techno, house, dubstep and pop music.

Opening track “Start From The Beginning” drones in waves over white washed atmospheres and gentle piano stabs; a perfect lead into the bloopy house cycles of the title track. Lead single “Chrysalis Records (feat Trust)” bleeds into experimental pop and is matched perfectly with the vocals of Maya from the Canadian band Trust. Another series of shifts takes this journey into the minimal techno realm on “Liberation Front” and then psychedelic (and gorgeous) downtempo broken beat on the irresistible “Naples” and the trippy “Rooks Theme.” Melodic techno’s back in the picture on “Recital (A Version)” before Trust’s other singer (Rob) lends his vocals to the spacey gothic pop of “Fuji Cub (feat Trust).” The electronic bass breaks of “Barely” and the jagged and pulsating “Recital (B version)” provide the final chapters in Egyptrixx’ Bible Eyes.

Egyptrixx tours around the world offering fans a live interpretation of his original music. Built around Ableton Live, APC 40 MIDI Controller, Korg Kaoss Pad and microKorg virtual analog synthesizer/vocoder, Egyptrixx breaks down his original tracks and resequences the music live and on the fly. This ensures that each set will be different and open for interpretation to suit each crowd and his own feelings. Look out for live dates throughout 2011.

“Bible Eyes”

1 – “Start From The Beginning”

2 – “Bible Eyes”

3 – “Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust)”

4 – “Liberation Front”

5 – “Naples”

6 – “Rooks Theme”

7 – “Recital (A Version)”

8 – “Fuji Club (feat. Trust)”

9 – “Barely”

10 – “Recital (B Version)”

Egyptrixx – “Start from the Beginning” video
Animated short by Berlin artist A. N. Fischer / Datdatdat

The video examines the relationship between the simulated image and its physical manifestation. The landscape appearing in the video references one of Fischer’s relief sculptures

The sculpture is magnified and distorted by the soundscape created by Egyptrixx. As time progresses the landscape becomes increasingly complex and distorted and finally changes its aggregate state to liquid. The shapes of the polygons appear in contrast to the fluid with which they collide. The 3d model was textured with photos of the physical sculpture, which was carved from a block of MDF with a CNC milling machine.

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